25 November 2013
Stevie wins Masters title

What a fantastic night of darts at the Legion for the third ranking event. Forty-nine players came forward for the Jim Scollie Masters Singles.
It was also great to see 19 ‘B’ league players entering, with two of them gained any points.
As always with a big entry big names fell early on, but, by the quarter-final stage, it was mainly familiar names left.
But, going very strongly was Michael Muir Jnr of Sanday, taking out the league-leader Ivan Leslie on his way to the quarter-final, and, even then, he was leading Kevin Gray 2-0, but fell 3-2.
Also a bit of a surprise was veteran player Jimmy Miller powering his way to the semi-final, but went down to Stevie.
In the other semi-final, the two Grays — Kevin and Alan — were locking horns, with Kevin coming good, and it was the final everyone was hoping for.
And what a final — it must be one of the best seen in Kirkwall for some time.
The legs went: number one to Stevie in 14 darts; next two to Kevin in 15 and 11 darts, which included back-to-back 180s, and could have been a ten-darter; then Stevie struck back with three legs in 19 and 16 and 18 darts, with a 124 finish on the bull to win 4-2.
The next big one, the Festive Singles, is on December 13, in the Masonic, and it’s open to any male player in Orkney.
No change at the top of the Williamsons ‘A’ League, with the Legion hitting the first whitewash of the season in the ‘A’ league. On the receiving end was RBLM.
Not far behind was the Untouchables, beating Quoyburray 11-1, and no joy for the other Quoyburray team, as they went down 9-3 to the Commodores.
The Golf Club are still up there, after beating the Wanderers 7-5.
Good points for the Untouchables ‘A’ — 8-4 winners in the ’Hope over the Murray Arms.
A big surprise in the Williamsons ‘B’ League, as the Nomads lost for the first time this season, going down 7-5 to the Sands ‘2’. It allowed the top teams to close up. One of them was St Ola, 7-5 winners over the Likely Lads.
Also up there are the Legion Arrows, who beat Deerness 7-5.
Two games for Meadowbank, and two wins — 9-3 over Motorhoose and 8-4 against the Bilco Boys, who also lost out 7-5 to Tankerness.
No results from the Shore v Sands game, or the Shapinsay v Sanday game. These games must be played before the festive break.
It’s also time to get the festive raffle tickets back for the draw on December 13.
180s from: Grant Harrold, Sean Stanger, Fred Tait, Cammy Scott, Brian Stevenson, Gary Wilson, Graham Louttit, Raymie Rendall, Robbie Norquoy, Hamish Baillie, Davy Henderson, Bruce Moar, Stevie Linklater, Jim Brown, Michael Muir Jnr, Robert Gatt, and Neil Croy. Two from: Ivan Leslie, Keith Brumpton, Michael Bain and Jamie Rendall, and five from Kevin Gray.
High checkouts: 100 from Keith Brumpton; 103 Derek Firth; 105 Brian Stevenson; 106, 112 and 114 Kevin Gray; 110 Ivan Leslie; 114 and 141 Leigh Shearer; 111 Bruce Moar; 108 Martin Peace; 108 Brian Moar; 124 Stevie Linklater; 127 Gary Wilson; 150 Michael Muir Jnr and 152 Keith Bain.
It’s a big night Friday night for all ‘B’ league players, with the doubles being played in the Legion. Names by 7.30 p.m. Any ‘B’ registered player can play.
In the ranking points table the top-ranked players are: Stevie Linklater 29, Ivan Leslie 24, Leigh Shearer 13, Brian Moar 13, Kevin Gray 12, Bruce Moar 10, Alan Gray 10, Gary Wilson 10, Robbie Stanger 9, Neil Croy 8, Derek Firth 8.
A further 20 players have points ranging from seven to three, and there are still four contests to go.
Just a note for the players; Bruce Moar has announced his retirement from the K-DDL committee due to work and other commitments.

Jim Scollie Masters final: Stevie Linklater beat Kevin Gray 4-2.

Williamsons ‘A’ League
Murray Arms 4, Untouchables ‘A’ 8; Quoyburray ‘B’ 3, Commodores 9; Untouchables 11, Quoyburray 1; Wanderers 5, OGC 7; Shapinsay v Sanday; Legion 0, RBLM 12.

Williamsons ‘B’ League
Likely Lads 5, St Ola 7; Meadowbank 9, Motorhoose 3; Tankerness 7, Bilco Boys 5; Nomads 5, Sands ‘2’ 7; Legion Arrows 7, Deerness 5; Shore v Sands; Bilco Boys 4, Meadowbank 8.

Friday, November 29: ‘B’ League Doubles, Legion, 7.30 p.m.
Friday, December 13: Festive Singles Open, Masonic, 7.30 p.m.

Monday, December 9
Williamsons ‘A’ League: Wanderers v Untouchables; Sanday v Quoyburray ‘B’; OGC v Murray Arms; Quoyburray v Legion; Commodores v RBLM; Untouchables ‘A’ v Shapinsay.

Williamsons ‘B’ League
Motorhoose v Bilco Boys; St Ola v Nomads; Deerness v Meadowbank; Legion Arrows v Likely Lads; Sands ‘2’ v Shore; Sands v Tankerness.

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