24 October 2011
Top two pull away

 It’s early in the season, but already it’s looking like a two-horse race for the Williamson’s ‘A’ League title, as the top two teams easily dispatched two of their main challengers.

Leading the way were the Legion, as they stroked out another big win, coming from a game down to take the next eleven for an 11-1 win over the Wanderers. The Legion are now averaging 11-1 for the season so far.


Level on points, but a bit off the average total, are the Untouchables, as they beat Sanday 9-3. So, the meeting of the top two, in a couple of weeks time, should go a long way towards the overall top team.


Elsewhere, the Golf Club had a very good 8-4 win over the Untouchables ‘A’.

No scores in from the other two games and remember team captains, points will go for failure to hand in score cards by Saturday noon to the Legion Club.


Also, too many teams are not letting their home venues know about when the nights’ games are to be played.


In the Williamson’s ‘B’ League, the RBLM are now clear leaders after yet another 12-0 whitewash, and it was Tankerness who had to suffer, so they are one game better off than the Legion.


Second-placed Shore 2 dropped points, after a six-all draw with the Bilco Boys, but both teams remain undefeated.


Also sharing the points after a 6-6 draw were the Likely Lads and the other Shore team, but it was the Shore’s first points.


The Murray Arms are going strong, and had a good 8-4 win over Deerness.

The Sands v Shapinsay game was postponed, as Shapinsay couldn’t get in.


Teams are reminded that no league games are to be played on Fridays when there’s a cup game being played.


There were 180s from Adrian Skea, Ian Linklater, Michael Moodie, Derek Firth, Keith Brumpton, Wayne Monkman and three from Kevin Gray; high finishes of 100 from: David Kirkpatrick; 105 Keith Bain; 107 Ian Wilkie; 109 Wayne Monkman; and Keith Brumpton 120; and Ivan Leslie 130.


It’s back to cup business again on Friday, with the Cricket Singles and Doubles being played in the Masonic Club. Names by 7.30 p.m., and it’s for both ‘A’ and ‘B’ players, and the last chance to make it worthwhile.



Williamson’s ‘A’ League

Wanderers ‘B’, Quoyburray ‘B’, no score; Legion 11, Wanderers 1; Quoyburray, Meadowbank, no score; Untouchables 9, Sanday 3; OGC 8, Untouchables ‘A’ 4; no game – Commodores.


Williamson’s ‘B’ League

RBLM 12, Tankerness 0; Sands, Shapinsay, postponed; Likely Lads 6, Shore 6; Deerness 4, Murray Arms 8; Bilco Boys 6, Shore ‘2’ 6.



Friday, October 28: Cricket Singles and Doubles, Masonic Club, 7.30 p.m.

Friday, November 4: Pit Stop Open Singles, Golf Club, 7.30 p.m.


Monday, October 31:

Williamson’s ‘A’ League

Wanderers ‘B’ v Commodores; Legion v Meadowbank; Quoyburray v Sanday; Untouchables ‘A’ v Quoyburray ‘B’; OGC v Wanderers; no game – Untouchables.


Williamson’s ‘B’ League

Likely Lads v Tankerness; Murray Arms v Shapinsay; Deerness v Shore; RBLM v Bilco Boys; Sands v Shore 2.

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