21 November 2011
RBLM well clear at the top

There’s no change, position-wise, in the Williamson’s ‘A’ League, as the Legion went nine points clear after an 11-1 win over Quoyburray but, with the withdrawal of Wanderers ‘B’, they have played two games more than the Untouchables, who didn’t have a game. So, in real terms, the Legion only have one game to play before the festive break.
Another good win for the Golf Club, 9-3 over Meadowbank, and I’m sure they will be boosted with the signing of Stevie Linklater.
The Wanderers remain in third spot after a win over Quoyburray ‘B’ by eight points to four and the Commodores gained a good point in a six-all draw with the Untouchables ‘A’.
All postponed games must be played by December 9, or games will be classed as void and no points or scores recorded.

Is it all over in the Williamson’s ‘B’ League? It could be, as RBLM moved 11 points clear after beating their nearest challengers, the Sands, 9-3.
The Murray Arms or the Shore ‘2’ could have moved up into second spot, but no score card handed in on time which is 12 noon on Saturday.
The Bilco Boys got back on track with a 7-5 defeat of the Likely Lads and Shapinsay had a mixed week, drawing 6-6 with Deerness but going  down 7-5 to the Shore, which was their first win.
Tankerness are going strong, beating the Shore 7-5. The Shapinsay game was held over from last week.

There were 180s from: David Kirkpatrick; Billy Ward; Davy Henderson; Derek Firth; Gary Drever; Erik Bews; and three from Bruce Moar. High checkouts of: 1 100 from Derek Ward Snr; 104 Ewen Rendall and Brian Stevenson, who also had 114; 107 Colin Findlay; 108 Derek Firth; 110 Kevin Gray; and two from Brian Moar; 130 Colin Barnett; and 138 from Ryan Tulloch. It’s called a Keith Deller finish.

It’s back to ranking points on Friday night, with the Commodore Singles. It’s for registered players only, then the following Friday it’s the turn of the ‘B’ boys to shine, with the ‘B’ League Singles in the Masonic Club. For both events, it’s names by 7.30 p.m.

It’s time to get the festive raffle tickets back to the treasurer, Davy Henderson, at the Bank of Scotland.
There will be a committee meeting on Wednesday, November 30, in the Masonic Club, at 8 p.m.

Williamson’s ‘A’ League: Legion 11, Quoyburray 1; Quoyburray ‘B’ 4, Wanderers 8; Untouchables ‘A’ 6, Commodores 6; OGC 9, Meadowbank 3; no game – Untouchables and Sanday.

Williamson’s ‘B’ League: Shore 5, Tankerness 7; Deerness 6, Shapinsay 6; Sands 3, RBLM 9; Likely Lads 5, Bilco Boys 7; Murray Arms v Shore ‘2’ no score; Shapinsay 5, Shore 7.

Monday, November 28
Williamson’s ‘A’ League: Legion v Sanday; Wanderers v Commodores; Quoyburray ‘B’ v Meadowbank; Untouchables ‘A’ v Untouchables; OGC v Quoyburray.

Friday, November 25
Commodore Singles – Commodore, 7.30 p.m.

Friday, December 2
‘B’ League Singles – Masonic Club, 7.30 p.m.

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