14 March 2011
Darts round-up

There was a great turnout of 89 players signed up for the 2011 Kirkwall Open, five down from last year. There was a great selection of players from as far apart as Bristol in the south and Whalsay in the north and all points in between, including Glouster, Helmsdale, Wick, North Ronaldsay, Westray and Rousay, with the usual local players, including some from Stromness.

Nineteen ladies entered, but only 12 B registered players, which was very poor considering there was a £100 prize for the top B player. As usual, there was the surprise results early on, with champion three years ago, Derek Firth and team-mate Ivan Leslie both going out at the first hurdle. Defending champion, Stevie Linklater, made it to the quarter-finals before going out to the eventful runner-up. Top B player was Michael Muir snr who made it to the semi-final and top lady was Linda Harcus.

With Dennis Watt already in the final, the other semi-final was a battle royal between Kirkwall’s Robbie Stanger and Stromness’s Keith Chalmers and it went the whole way, with Robbie coming up trumps 4-3. Compared to that semi-final, the final was somewhat of a let down, as both players struggled to find any sort of form, with only or two flashes of consistency ,but after it all, Robbie Stanger came out a 5-2 winner to keep the cup in Kirkwall.

Earlier on, Kevin Gray had a 11-darter, which included two 180s. The Phil Taylor shirt was won by Wilson Learmonth and the Celtic dartboard by Michael Moodie, but there were dozens of prizes on offer, so a big thank you to Tennents, J. W. Gray, KT Sports and all the other people who supplied items for the raffle and to the Masonic Club for allowing the K-DDL to hold the event on the premises.

It is now down to a two-horse race in the Williamson’s A League, with both the Legion and Untouchables chalking up big wins, with the Legion beating Quoyburray B 11-1 but, for the first time this season, the Untouchables out-gunned them with a 12-0 whitewash of RBL2, which just about condemns them to the drop and wooden spoon. Wanderers dropped more points after being held to a 6-all draw by the Golf Club. This allowed the Commodore to close up in fourth place with a 10-2 defeat of Wanderers B and Meadowbank had a very good 9-3 win over Quoyburray.

It is all change at the top of the Williamson’s B League, with Sanday taking over at the top of the Williamson’s B League, after beating the Fanooks 7-5. But there is only one point in it, but Sanday have a game in hand. Elsewhere, Sanday also had a 11-1 win over Sands 2, the Shore had mixed fortunes, beating the Bilco Boys 9-3, but going down 7-5 to Shore 2.

The Murray Arms had a good 7-5 win over the Sands and Deerness are doing well, with a 9-3 defeat of the Bilco Boys. A lot of these games were ones postponed from earlier on. The Fanooks had a 9-3 win over the Likely Lads.

There were 180’s from Robert Gatt, Ross Donaldson, Billy Ward, Leigh Shearer, George Grieve, Willie Bremner, E. Rendall, Archie Yule, Ryan Tulloch, Derek Manson, Davy Cooper, Don Wilson, Dennis Watt and two from Ivan Leslie, Gary Harrold, Derek Ward snr, Brian Stevenson, Ian Wilkie, three from Neil Redfan, but Kevin Gray hit four which takes his total to 22, a new record. In second place is Ian Wilkie on 17.

There were high checkouts of 100 from Craig Taylor, Neil Croy and John Thomson, 105 from Brian Moar, 108 from Billy Ward, 110 from Derek Ward, 111 from Brian Stevenson,116 from Ivan Leslie, 120 and 130 from Michael Moodie, 125 from Paddy and Mike Bain and in the Kirkwall Open, Keith Chalmers had a 160, 171 from Jim Harcus and Ian Wilkie and Craig Taylor had a 13-dart leg in their doubles game.

It is on to the Tom Notman Memorial Cup on, Friday in the Legion. Names in by 7.30pm. It is open to any player who has played in the K-DDL at any time.

-------------------------P    W    D    L    F    A    Pts
Legion---------------16    16    0    0    167    25    48
Untouchables-----16    15    0    1    149    43    45
Wanderers---------15    10    1    4    102    78    31
Commodore-------15    9    1    5    101    79    28
Untouchables A--14    8    0    6    85    83    24
OGC------------------15    6    2    7    88    92    20
Meadowbank------15    6    1    8    91    89    19
Quoyburray B-----16    3    4    9    79    113    13
Wanderers B------15    3    0    12    53    127    9
Quoyburray--------15    2    2    11    54    126    8
RBL2-----------------16    0    1    15    39    153    1

Semi-finals ­ Robbie Stanger 4, Keith Chalmers 3; Dennis Watt 4, Michael
Muir snr 1. Final ­ Robbie Stanger 5, Dennis Watt 2.

Untouchables 12, RBL2 0; Quoyburray B 1, Legion 11; Commodore 10,
Wanderers B 2; Wanderers 6. OGC 6; Meadowbank 9, Quoyburray 3. No game ­
Untouchables A.

Shore 2 7, Shore 5; Likely Lads 3, Fanooks 9; Murray Arms 7, Sands 5;
Sanday 11, Sands 2 1; Bilco Boys 3, Deerness 9; Fanooks 5, Sanday 7; Shore
9, Bilco Boys 3. No game ­ Tankerness.

Friday, March 18
In the Royal British Legion, at 7.30pm.

Friday, March 25
In Stromness Golf Club.

Monday, March 21
Wanderers v Untouchables A; Meadowbank v RBL2; Untouchables v Wanderers
B; Commodore v Quoyburray B; OGC v Quoyburray. No game ­ Legion.

Tankerness v Shore; Sands v Fanooks; Bilco Boys v Sanday; Shore 2 v Sands
2; Likely Lads v Deerness. No game Murray Arms.
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