04 October 2010
Cup win for Untouchables

The Knight Cup for ‘A’ League players only attracted four of the 11 teams entering. It’s hard to understand why, as last year, all cups had record entries.

Tthe Untouchables and Wanderers made the final, with wins over Untouchables ‘A’ and Meadowbank. In the final, Wanderers took the singles 3-1, only needing one more to win, but the Untouchables battled back by taking the doubles 2-0 to make it 3-3, so on to the sudden death, one leg team game.
Both teams got down to double tops, but it was Robbie Stanger for the Untouchables who took out double 20 for the cup.
The ‘B’ League players have their chance tomorrow on Friday, in the Masonic Club, playing for the Seatter Cup. Let’s hope for a big turnout. It is for teams of four to six players.
The Legion are really turning it on in the Williamson’s ‘A’ League, with their second and back-to-back white washes. 
This time, it was the Commodore who suffered, going down 12-0, and they were one of the teams expected to challenge for the title – but there is plenty of time yet. 
The Untouchables had to postpone their game in Quoyburray, so the Legion lead by three points. Untouchables ‘A’ are in third place after beating Quoyburray ‘B’ 9-3. And Wanderers ‘B’ are going great guns with a 9-3 win over RBL2 who have still to gain a point. Wanderers are still chasing hard with a narrow 7-5 win over Meadowbank who also have still to win a point.
In the Williamson’s ‘B’ League, the Murray Arms are clear leaders, on full points, after beating the Bilco Boys 10-2 and the Sands had a good 9-3 win over the Likely Lads. First points for Deerness as they beat Sands’2’ 8-4 and Sanday are still there after beating The Shore 8-4. 
The Deerness captain’s telephone number is 741445 and not what is on the captain’s list.
There were 180's from Ali Learmonth, Ian Findlay, Brian Moar, Michael Mongomery, Paul Foubister and two from Roy Griffiths and Derek Firth.
There were high checkouts of 100 from Ivan Leslie, 100 and 116 from Brian Stevenson, 104 from Aaron Mitchell, 105 from Paddy, 107 from Martin Peace, 109 from Sean Stanger, 110 and 119 from Brian Moar, 110 from Mitchell Kemp, 124 from Alan Gray and 12 from Grant Harrold. Mike Bain had a 160 finish.
The first ranking event is the Louttit Singles coming up on Friday, October 15 in the Royal British Legion. It is open to all registered players.
There are still some league entry fees to come in and don’t forget, points could be deducted for failing to pay.
Final – Untouchables 4, Wanderers 3.
Untouchables ‘A’ 9,v Quoyburray ‘B’ 3; RBL2 3, Wanderers ‘B’ 9; Legion 12,
Commodore 0; Wanderers 7, Meadowbank 5; Quoyburray v Untouchables postpones.
No games – OGC.
Shore 4, Sanday 8; Fanooks 10, Bilco Boys 2; Sands 9, Likely Lads 3;
Tankerness 4, Murray Arms 8; Deerness 8, Sands ‘2’ 4. No game – Shore ‘2’.
Friday, October 8
Seatter Cup – ‘B’ League, in the Masonic Club, at 7.30pm.
Friday, October 15
Louttit Singles
‘A’ and ‘B’ Leagues, in the Royal British Legion.
Monday, October 11
RBL2 v Untouchables; Legion v Quoyburray ‘B’; Wanderers ‘B’ v Commodore; OGC
v Wanderers; Quoyburray v Meadowbank. No game – Untouchables ‘A’.
Shore v Shore ‘2’; Fanooks v Likely Lads; Sands v Murray Arms; Sands ‘2’ v
Sanday; Deerness v Bilco Boys. no game – Tankerness.
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