23 November 2010
East v West teams selected


Just when you think it can¹t get any worse, it does! The latest cup saw 1
1/2 teams turn up. It was for the Lynnfield Cup for A teams. Untouchables
A had a full team of four players, but the Wanderers only had two players
and they duly lost 3-0.
The other teams in both leagues should hold their
heads in shame. The Kirkwall committee strive unpaid to arrange these games
and only a handful of players turn up and dont forget, the players asked
for Friday night darts. It is very unlikely that these cups will be on the
programme for next year. Out of the six team cups played, there could have
been an entry of 66 teams, but only 20 took part.

Anyway, this week, they have a chance to redeem themselves with the
Commodore Singles which is a ranking points event. It takes place Friday, in the Commodore, at 7.30pm. There is a service bus leaving the Travel Centre at 6.15pm and 7.15pm. Telephone your name is you are catching the 7.15pm bus.

Both the Williamson¹s leagues should have been finished for the first half
but, because of the Shetland game, and adverse weather, some games are still
to be played ­ hopefully this week.

Last week, the Legion beat the Golf Club 8-4 to keep to spot, but now only
on games difference over the Untouchables who whitewashed Quoyburray 12-0
in a game postponed from earlier, but the Legion still one game to played.

Quoyburray did have a win by 7-5 over RBL2 who do not yet have any points.
The Wanderers are still there, after beating Wanderers B 10-2 and there
was a very good win for the improving Untouchables A out at the Commodore
who, after a sound start, have crumbled slightly. A good point for
Quoyburray B, holding Meadowbank to a 6-all draw.

There were only two score cards in from the Williamsons B League, which
is very disappointing, as it was the last games of the first half. Sanday
completed their fixtures undefeated and are clear at the top after a 10-2
out in Tankerness. The Bilco Boys picked up the points in a 7-5 win over the
Likely Lads, so no league table until next week.
There were 180's from Derek Ward snr, Wayne Monkman, Roy Foubister, who also
hit a 174, Robbie Stanger, Craig Taylor, Hamish Baillie, Ray Butcher, Roy
Griffiths, Ollie Bethwaite and Jim Flett.

There were big finishes of 100 via 20 and two double tops from Neil Tait,
102 and 113 from Colin Ross, 106 from Robert Gatt and Martin Peace, 121 from
Brian Murray, 121 and 138 from Alan Gray, 140 from Mike Bain and 143 from
Hamish Baillie. I understand that Ross Donaldson hit a table-topping 167,
but I don¹t have the scorecard.

The East v West game will be played in the Stromness Golf Club on Friday,
December 17. A bus will leave the Royal British Legion at 7pm sharp.
East team is: Craig Taylor - captain, Derek Firth, Paul Foubister, Ivan
Leslie, Ian Linklater, Stevie Linklater, Brian Moar, Bruce Moar, Wayne
Monkman, Robbie Stanger, Ian Wilkie, Billy Ward and Robert Gatt. Travelling
reserves are Brian Stevenson, Mike Bain, Leigh Shearer and Jimmy Miller. B team: Jim Scollie- captain, Neil Croy, Michael Moodie, Ian Findlay, Trevor
Shearer, Derek Sutherland, Sean Stanger, Craig Moar and Michael Muir jnr.
Travelling reserves are Derek Manson, Ryan Tulloch, Eddie Craigie and Alan
Brown. Any of the above players who are unable to travel should let the team
captains know as soon as possible.

All team captains are requested to return their raffle tickets and monies to
the secretary, or any committee man.

The Cricket Singles and Doubles will now be played in the Masonic Club and
not the Royal British Legion as is on some notices.

Final ­ Untouchables A 3, Wanderers 0.

Meadowbank 6, Quoyburray B 6; Wanderers 10, Wanderers B 2; OGC 4, Legion
8; Quoyburray 7, RBL2 5; Commodore 2, Untouchables A 10; Untouchables 12,
Quoyburray 0.

Shore v Fanooks, Sands v Sands 2 and Murray Arms v Shore 2 no cards;
Tankerness 2, Sanday 10; Likely Lads 5, Bilco Boys 7. No game ­ Deerness.

Friday, November 26
In the Commodore, at 7.30pm.

Friday, December 3
In the Masonic Club, at 7.30pm.
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