20 September 2010
Tight at the top

TWO games into the new season and already it has got a familiar look about is, as the Legion and Untouchables decimated two of their main challengers and, is the Golf Club, unbeaten, going to be the surprise team? 

Remember no team have ever won the ‘A’ League the year after winning the ‘B’ League. The nearest was the Commodore who got second spot. And is the present Commodore team strong enough to take the crown? 

They had a good 9-3 defeat of RBL2 in their first game, but top spot goes to the Legion as they demolished Untouchables ‘A’ 11-1. 
Not far behind were the Untouchables with a 93 defeat of the strongly-fancied Wanderers. As mentioned, the Golf Club also have a 100 per cent record after a 8-4 win over Quoyburray ‘B’ and not much luck for the Tankerness teams as Quoyburray went down 8-4 to Wanderers ‘B’.

Are there problems in the Williamson’s ‘B’ League, as Sands ‘2’ failed to gather a team for their first match, so the Fanooks claimed a 12-nil walkover. It wasn’t the only whitewash, as the Sands beat the Bilco Boys 12-0 and look out for the boys across the Churchill Barriers, as the Murray Arms beat the Likely Lads 7-5, with the same score for the  Shore over Deerness and the Shore ‘2’ against Tankerness.

The ‘B’ players have their night on Friday, with the ‘B’ Singles being played in the Royal British Legion Club. Names in by 7.30pm.

There were lots more 180s, with 12 being scored from Eddie Craigie, Paddy Highley, Hamish Baillie, Colin Ross, Robert Gatt, Ian Wilkie, Martin Peace, Ian Linklater, Brian Murray, Kevin Gray, David Kirkpatrick and Ali Flett.Ali Flett had a 171, which is three treble 19's.
There were high checkouts of 107 from Robbie Stanger, 114 from Leigh Shearer, 115 from David Kirkpatrick, 117 from Bruce Moar, 118 from Billy Ward, 121 from Paddy, 112 from Archie Yule, but topping the lot and getting the highest yet was Stevie Linklater with 157.

New telephone numbers for Cammy Scott is 07564 163106 and Robert Petrie, captain of Fanooks 07803 620508.

Untouchables ‘A’ 1, Legion 11; RBL2 3, Commodore 9; Wanderers 3,
Untouchables 9; OGC 8, Quoyburray ‘b’ 4; Quoyburray 4, Wanderers ‘B’ 8. No
game – Meadowbank.

Shore 7, Deerness 5; Fanooks 12, Sands ‘2’ 0 walkover; Sands 12, Bilco Boys
0; Tankerness 5, Shore ‘2’ 7; Likely Lads 5, Murray Arms 7. No game –

Friday, September 24.
‘B’ League Singles in the Royal British Legion, at 7.30pm.

Friday, October 1.
Knight Cup in the Royal British Legion, at 7.30pm. ‘A’ League.

Monday, September 27
Untouchables ‘A’ v Quoyburray ‘B’; RBL2 v Wanderers ‘B’; Legion v Commodore;
Wanderers v Meadowbank; Quoyburray v Untouchables. No game - OGC.

Shore v Sanday; Fanooks v Bilco Boys; Sands v Likely Lads; Tankerness v
Murray Arms; Deerness v Sands ‘2’. No game – Shore ‘2’.

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