17 August 2010
AGM on Thursday

THAT’S all the one-day shows over, so it’s time to turn to the show that lasts until May of next year and that’s the 2010-11 Kirkwall District Darts League season.

It all comes to provenance on Thursday night with the AGM in the Legion Club at 8pm. A good turnout would be a change as attendance has been very poor over the last few years.

Team captains are requested to make an effort to attend. Will it be a record entry? 28 registration books are out but very few have been returned and the deadline was Sunday. With only 14 books back, will it be one, two or three leagues? Time will tell.

Nine teams had applied to enter but only three have returned their books but the secretary has noticed some of them include players who played for other teams last year, maybe that’s left some teams short of players?

There are no new names forward for committee duties so it looks like no change on last year’s committee. Names will be taken up to 8pm on Thursday.

The team to travel to play Shetland on Friday, November 5 is the same team that was selected for the original game last April.The ladies’ game has been cancelled.

Out of last year’s 19 teams, only Ayre haven’t replied.

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