03 December 2010
Ivan gets a hatrick

Turnout for the Commodore Singles was quite good as 31 hardy souls entered. Most of the top players made it but as usual there were one or two surprise early defeats. However, by the quarter final stage most of the big guns were still there including the defending champion Brian Moar.

But that’s as far as he got and once again two Legion players and two Untouchable players contested the semi-finals with one of each getting to the final. In the end, it was the Legion’s Ivan Leslie who came out on top with a 4-1 win over Stevie Linklater. It’s Ivan’s third win in four years.

It’s on now to Friday night with the Cricket Singles and Doubles being played in the Masonic at 7.30 p.m. Let’s hope for a better entry than last year when only nine players turned up. All this year’s trophies are in danger of being withdrawn from the programme unless more interest is shown.

Both the Williamson’s Leagues are now complete except for one game for the first half of the season.

In the Williamson’s ‘A’ League, the Legion are on top, undefeated, after beating Meadowbank 9-3 and lead by three points over Untouchables who only just beat Quoyburray ‘B’ 7-5. There’s quite a gap now to third placed Wanderers who won 9-3 over RBL2 who still have no points. The Golf Club ended with a 6-6 draw out at the Commodore.

All games in the Williamson’s ‘B’ League have been completed with Sanday on top undefeated. Not far behind are the Fanooks who were 9-3 winners over the Shore while the Shore 2 were out in the ’Hope beating the home team 7-5. The big encounter at the Sands ended 6-6.

There have been 180s from Derek Firth, Aaron Mitchell, Paddy, Craig Taylor, Mike Bain, Leigh Shearer, Bruce Moar, Keith Brumpton, Andrew Watson, Kevin Gray, two from Robert Gatt and Robbie Stanger, with three each from Alan Gray and Ivan Leslie – and Willie Laird scored 162 (that’s three treble 18s).
Also there was a 180 from Ian Wilkie who also had a high checkout of 100. Another 100 checkout came from Martin Peace, who also had a 116 checkout.

Other checkouts included 107 from Trevor Shearer; Neil Drever, 108; Kevin Gray, 110, 104 and 114; Robbie Stanger, 114; Stevie Linklater, 116; Brian Moar, 120; Monty, 130; and Steven Gray, 143.

Stevie Linklater has taken over from Trevor Pirie as treasurer and the T. Pirie Singles has been dropped as a ranking point event. A new cup will take its place. It’s time now to get the raffle tickets back to the treasurer.


Commodore Singles Final
Ivan Leslie beat Stevie Linklater 4-1.
Williamson’s ‘A’ League
Meadowbank 3, Legion 9; Wanderers 9, RBL2 3; Untouchables 7, Quoyburray ‘B’ 5; Commodore 6, OGC 6.
Williamson’s ‘B’ League
Murray Arms 5, Shore 2 7; Sands 6, Sands 2 6; Shore 3, Fanooks 9.


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