16 December 2023
Tight at the top of the B League

With cup fixtures finished for the calendar year, the focus swung back towards the leagues this week, with all outstanding fixtures caught up in addition to the scheduled matches.

Sanday top the Williamsons Butchers 'A' league with 9 wins out of 9 so far, but there is a long way to go in a league where any of the top 5 are more than capable of beating each other. Sanday started the week with a high pressure but narrow win over Orkney Golf Club, before a hugely important victory over defending champions Untouchables later in the week. The Legion currently sit five points adrift despite a thumping win over the Murray Arms. The Bilco Boys showed continued improvement even though they lost out to the Exiles, whilst the Muppets still occupy the wooden spoon position following defeat to the Untouchables.

Things are incredibly tight down in the 'B' league with a measly three points separating the top five teams as they race for the two promotion slots. Robbie Norquoy hit the seasons highest checkout thus far, his 167 finish helping Tankerness to a win over the Wooden Spoons and leapfrogging the others to first place at this time. The Sands narrowly lost out to the The Toonies but remain one point clear of them and the Ale Stars in second place. Sitting a further point behind in fifth are Quoyburray who recorded a win over the Young Loons.

The 'B' league starts their festive break a week earlier than the 'A', with all league matches resuming in the week beginning Monday 8th January.

180s were scored by:

Gary Wilson, Daryl Robertson, Erland Ritch, Keith Brumpton, Brian Moar, Damian Stout, Brett Dickinson, Kieran Learmonth, Josh Alexander, Alan Findlay, Ryan Wilkie, Jamie Marwick, Malcolm Coghill, Shane Rendall, Wayne Monkman (two), Ian Findlay (two), Stevie Linklater (two), Robbie Stanger (two), Nicol Gray (two), Ian Linklater (three) and Billy Ward (three). Billy Ward also registered a score of 171, with Paul Foubister scoring 177.

High Finishes came from:

Bruce Moar 100, Kevin Gray 101, Adam Savage 101, Allan Brown 103, Brett Dickinson 104, Brian Moar 110, Erlend Lennie 117, Davy Henderson 131, Gavin Linklater 148, Robbie Norquoy 167, Stevie Linklater (106, 107) and Billy Ward (108, 110).

Short Legs (15 darts or less):

Davy Henderson 15, Kevin Gray 15, Bruce Moar 15, Kevin Gray/Wayne Monkman 15, Craig Taylor/Ian Linklater 15, Erland Ritch 14, Billy Ward/Robbie Stanger 13 and Brett Dickinson/Robbie Stanger 13.


'A' League:

Exiles 8, Bilco Boys 4

Legion 11, Murray Arms 1

OGC 5, Sanday 7

Muppets 3, Untouchables 9

Sanday 8, Untouchables 4

'B' League:

Tankerness 10, Vikings 2

Shandy Bass 10, Wooden Spoons 2

Sands 5, The Toonies 7

Young Loons 4, Quoyburray 8

Ale Stars 11, MA2 1

Wooden Spoons 1, Tankerness 11

Vikings 7, MA2 5


Week beginning December 18th

'A' League:

Exiles v Sanday,

Legion v Muppets

OGC v Untouchables

Bilco Boys v Murray Arms

Week beginning January 8th

'A' League:

Muppets v Exiles

OGC v Legion

Sanday v Bilco Boys

Untouchables v Murray Arms

'B' League:

Shandy Bass v Vikings

The Toonies v Wooden Spoons

Quoyburray v Tankerness

MA2 v Sands

Ale Stars v Young Loons

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