14 November 2023
League action continues

180s were scored by: Erland Ritch, Daryl Robertson, Bruce Moar, Liam Drever, Ian Linklater, Connor Crawford, Iain Wilkie, Alan Findlay, Ben Hogan (two) and Brett Dickinson (four). John Thomson and Allan Brown both registered scores of 171.

High Finishes came from: Erland Ritch 100, Bruce Moar 100, Brett Dickinson 100, Jamie Drever 100, Craig Taylor 107, Kieran Learmonth 111,Trevor Shearer 127, Keith Bain 127, Michael Scollie (100, 110) and Adam Savage (106, 126).

Short Legs (15 darts or less): Erland Ritch 15, Lee MacPherson 15, Bruce Moar 15, Derek Firth 14, Brett Dickinson 14, Craig Taylor 14, Erland Ritch/Kevin Sarling 14, Brian Moar/Trevor Shearer 14 and Trevor Shearer 14 & 15.


'A' League:

Exiles 11, Muppets 1

Legion 6, OGC 6

Bilco Boys 0, Sanday 12

Murray Arms 0, Untouchables 12

'B' League:

Ale Stars 10, Wooden Spoons 2

Young Loons 1, Tankerness 11

Shandy Bass 3, Sands 9

Quoyburray 5, The Toonies 7


'A' League:

Exiles v Legion

Bilco Boys v OGC

Murray Arms v Muppets

Sanday v Untouchables

'B' league:

Young Loons v Vikings

Sands v Wooden Spoons

Shandy Bass v Tankerness

Ale Stars v The Toonies

MA2 v Quoyburray

Friday 17th November, Jim Scollie Masters (Ranking), Legion, 7.30pm

Friday 24th November, Albyn Videogames Singles ('B' Ranking), Legion, 7.30pm

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