03 October 2023
Cup wins for Sanday and Young Loons


Sanday won the Lynnfield Cup.

Young Loons, winners of the Foubister Cup.

Sanday took home the Lynnfield cup with a win over the Untouchables, with Young Loons '1' winning their first ever piece of silverware, beating Young Loons '2' in the Foubister Cup final.

The Legion once more was the venue for Friday night darts with both the Cricket singles and doubles taking place, although the entry for both were surprisingly low compared with usual.

The doubles was an all Moar brothers affair, with Bruce and Andrew defeating Brian and Stevie 3-1. Meanwhile in the singles, Kevin Gray triumphed once more in one of his favourite competitions, beating Robbie Stanger 3-0.

180s were scored by: Bruce Moar, Jim Brown, Nicol Gray, Gordy Rendall, Stevie Moar, Kevin Sarling, Graeme Louttit, Ian Findlay, Brett Dickinson, Wayne Monkman, Stevie Linklater, Ian Linklater (two), Billy Ward (two), Stevie Garner (two), Kevin Gray (two), Robbie Stanger (two) and Brian Moar (two). Derek Firth and Paul Foubister also scored 174, with Stevie Linklater hitting 177. In the Cricket format, Brian Moar also achieved the feat of hitting three bullseyes in one throw twice.

High Finishes came from: Bruce Moar 100, Kenny Gunn 106, Robbie Stanger 107, Kevin Sarling 148, Josh Alexander (104, 104), Stevie Linklater (108, 118) and Brian Moar 114, 114, 164).

Short Legs (15 darts or less):

Bruce Moar (14), Josh Alexander (15), Brian Moar (15), Robbie Stanger (2 x 13) and Stevie Linklater (3 x 15).


Spiers Cup Final: Untouchables 4, Orkney Golf Club 2

Jimmy Miller Memorial Open Singles Final: Wayne Monkman 4, Brian Moar 2

Lynnfield Cup Final: Sanday 3, Untouchables 1

Foubister Cup Final: The Toonies '1' 2, Young Loons '2' 1

Cricket Doubles Final: Bruce Moar & Andrew Moar 3, Brian Moar & Stevie Moar 1

Cricket Singles Final: Kevin Gray 3, Robbie Stanger 0


Friday, September 29, Royal Cup (A & B), Masonic, 7.30pm

Monday, October 2, Swanney Cup (A & B), Masonic, 7.30pm

Friday, October 6, Louttit Singles (Ranking), Legion, 7.30pm

'A' League matches begin on Monday 9th October

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