08 March 2023
Untouchables remain top

The Untouchables took a giant step forward in their quest for the 'A' league title with a win over close rivals Sanday in their clash last week. The Golf Club maintained their charge to finish runners up with a win over the Legion while the Bilco Boys finally got their first points of a very hard season with a deserved draw against the Exiles.

With the Tankerness game being postponed, the Muppets remained top of the 'B' league despite drawing with Quoyburray. Murray Arms narrowly sneaked past Skippers to move into second spot for now while all three of the remaining fixtures ended in stalemates, which has been a common theme in the league this year, showing how close in standard many of the teams are.

180s were scored by: Brett Dickinson, Robbie Stanger, Erland Ritch, Kenny Gunn, Karl Scott, Bruce Moar. Kevin Peace, Ian Findlay, Aaron Mitchell, Dennis Watt, Brian Stevenson, Jamie Drever (two), Stevie Linklater (three) and Kevin Gray (three). Ian Munro hit a score of 171 while Andrew Green scored 177.

High Finishes came from: Alan Findlay 105, Andrew Rendall 105, Erland Ritch 106, Keith Bain 108, Ross Howe 113, Alistair Rendall 116, Steven Moar 120, Paul Foubister 120, Wayne Small 120, Toby Penwarden 134, Iain Wilkie (110, 120) and Davy Henderson (118, 124).

Results: Pre-Kirkwall Open singles Final: Bruce Moar 5, Lewis Plank 4

J.W Gray & Co. Tennents Kirkwall Open Final:

Brian Moar 5, Kenny Gunn 2

See full report on Kirkwall Open page.

'A' League:

Sanday 4, Untouchables 8

Bilco Boys 6, Exiles 6

OGC 8, Legion 4

'B' League:

Sands 8, Shandy Bass 4

Shapinsay 6, Vikings 6

Murray Arms 7, Skippers 5

Quoyburray 6, Muppets 6

Vikings 6, Sands 6


'A' League:

Exiles v Untouchables

Bilco Boys v Legion

OGC v Sanday

'B' League:

Vikings v Shandy Bass

Shapinsay v Skippers

Sands v Tankerness

Murray Arms v Muppets

Quoyburray v Young Loons

Friday 10th March, League Mixed Doubles, Legion, 7.30pm

Friday 17th March, League Singles (Ranking), Masonic, 7.30pm

Friday 24th March, Steven Flett Mixed Doubles, Legion, 7.30pm

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