06 October 2022
22-23 season cup results round-up so far....



Following a round-Robin format, the Legion triumphed in the Allied Hotels Cup in the Legion, pushed all the way to the nominated player by the Untouchables in the Final between the top 2 teams.

A good night of darts and fine to get team competitions back underway after an absence of almost 2 and 1/2 years.


Another good night of darts in the Legion for the Spiers Cup and signs that the rustiness is beginning to disappear for some.

The Legion escaped the group of death, containing Sanday and the Golf Club, to meet Exiles in the final, where they ran out 4-2 winners.

Another good night of darts in the Masonic, and another round-Robin tournament which ended with Orkney Golf Club beating Sanday 3-1 in the final of the Swanney Cup.

Plenty of rustiness on show but also some good play. Fine to see the atmosphere coming back too.

Six B teams entered the St Ola Cup played in the Masonic. This was played in a round robin format of 2 leagues of 3 with the winners of each league playing in the final. The two teams that made the final were Tankerness and Muppets. Tankerness edged out Muppets 3-1 in the final to take the first B cup of the season. Congratulations to them. There was a 180 & a 105 finish from Daryl Robertson and a 122 checkout from George Low.



The Orkney Golf Club won the rescheduled cricket format Lynnfield Cup, beating Untouchables 3-1 in the final.

180s came from Stevie Linklater and 2 each from Kevin Peace and Brett Dickinson. Brian Moar hit 3 bulls


The Orkney Golf Club struck gold in the Royal Cup beating Exiles 4-2 in the final following another evening of round Robin fixtures.

Another enjoyable evening of darts and Sanday showing how it's done by playing with only 3 players and making a decent attempt at it.

B league 301double start cup, the Muppets beat the sands in the final.


301 challenge cup. 5 teams entered with Untouchables beating the Legion in the team game.


14 players took part in the cricket singles and doubles cups in the Legion. Kevin Gray beat Ian Linklater 3-0 in the singles while Kevin and doubles partner Derek Firth came from behind in the doubles to beat Brian and Stevie Moar 3-1.


7 teams entered the B league cricket Cup, a round Robin format resulted in The Muppets playing Tankerness A ,with Lee Macpherson hitting bulls and 25s for fun Muppets ran out 2-1 winners.


Kevin Gray won the Jimmy Miller Open Singles in the Legion, beating Erland Ritch 4-2 in a close final. Another good night of darts, attracting 41 entries. Thanks to Eoin Miller for presenting the trophies.


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