02 December 2019
Albyn Shield win for Henderson

Pictured are, from left, runner-up Graham Firth, winner David Henderson, and KDDL vice-president Robbie Norquoy.

The 'B' league players got a chance to take centre stage last Friday, with the Albyn Video Games Shield kicking off the first of this season's 'B' Ranking points competitions.  Points are accrued from this shield, along with the 'B' league singles and doubles competitions, plus any points accrued in the main ranking points competitions.  The top 12 players at the close of the main League Singles are then selected to play in both the East v West and the 'B' intercounty match with Shetland 'B'.
23 players entered and there were some high standard darts on display, along with some nervy stuff.  The Semi-finals saw Graham Firth defeat namesake Derrick, and Davy Henderson triumphing over Stevie Garner.  
They say form is temporary and class is permanent, which Davy proved as he overcame his current league form to give a display of the darts that won him a main ranking trophy a few years ago.  Graham struggled to show his normal standard of play and Davy eventually sealed a 5-0 win to take the title and the 12 points on offer.
This Friday sees the fourth, and final ranking points competition of 2019, take place in the Masonic with the Festive Open Singles.  Can players please remember to return raffle tickets and money with them on the night if they haven't returned them already.
180s were scored by: James Flett, Aaron Mitchell, Derek Firth, Ian Findlay, Andrew Moar, Billy Ward, Ryan Tulloch, Erlend Lennie, Gary Wilson, Neil Drever, Brian Murray, Daryl Robertson, Allan Brown, Robbie Norquoy, Davy Henderson, Scott Wilson and Lee MacPherson (two).  Neil Drever also scored 171.
Ton-plus checkouts came from: Andrew Moar 100, Hamish Baillie 100, Michael Moodie 100, Kevin Sarling 104, Erlend Eunson 105, Andrew Rendall 105, James Flett 106, Brian Moar 106, Gary Drever 112, Graham Firth 117, Ben Hogan 126, Leigh Shearer 152, Lee MacPherson (109, 123) and Davy Henderson (106, 109, 125).

Albyn Video Games Shield:  Davy Henderson 5, Graham Firth 0

A League
Wanderers 2, Sanday 10, Legion 9, Bilco Boys 3, Untouchables 9, Shapinsay 3,
Commodores 7, Exiles 5, The Ola 10, Nomads 2, Shapinsay 5, Nomads 7,

B League
RBL2 5, Legion Arrows 7, Tankerness 7, Muppets 5, Quoyburray 4, Tigers 8,
Sands 9, Shandy Bass 3,

Friday, December 6, Festive Singles (Ranking), Masonic, names by 7.30pm

A League
Shapinsay v Sanday, Untouchables v Bilco Boys, Wanderers v Exiles,
OGC v Nomads, Commodores v The Ola, Legion – no game.

B League
Muppets v Legion Arrows, Tankerness v Vikings, RBL2 v Tigers, Quoyburray 'B' v Shandy Bass, Quoyburray v Sands, Young Loons – no game.

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