02 September 2019
Darts season about to get underway

The Kirkwall and District Darts League's AGM was held in the Blue Room of the Kirkwall Legion last Thursday evening. Although a relatively small turnout of only 11 members could be seen as disappointing, it could also be viewed that most members are content with the setup at present.

2019-20 committee is: president Craig Taylor; vice-president Robbie Norquoy; treasurer David Henderson; secretary Brian Moar. Committee members: Robbie Stanger, Brett Dickinson, Ian Linklater, Richard Polson and Kevin Sarling.

Several rule changes were adopted, most of which concerned tidying up some of the mythical “unwritten rules” regarding team registrations. There were two rules adopted however which will affect matches from now on.
The issue of wrongly marked scores has been addressed and in short any incorrect score must be corrected before the player who has been marked wrongly throws again, otherwise the score stands.

Secondly, teams must now be prepared to take an equal share of marking during matches, with the rule being made that the home team marks one board, with the away team marking the other.

League matches begin on Monday October 7, posters with cup and league fixtures will appear in venues within the next few weeks, as well as on the Orkney Darts Facebook page.

Monday, September 9: Allied Hotels Cup (‘A’), Legion, names by 7.30pm.
Tuesday, September 10: St Ola Cup (‘B’), Masonic, 7.30pm.
Friday, September 13: Swanney Cup (‘A’ and ‘B’), Masonic, 7.30pm.
Monday, September 16: Spiers Cup (‘A’ and ‘B’), Legion, 7.30pm.
Friday, September 20: Jimmy Miller Singles (open), Legion, 7.30pm.
Monday, September 23: Lynnfield Cup (‘A’), Masonic, 7.30pm.
Tuesday, September 24: Foubister Cup (‘B’), Legion, 7.30pm.
Friday, September 27: Cricket Singles and Doubles, Legion, 7.30pm.


A brief overview of some of the items raised at the AGM. Only 11 members appeared, which hopefully is a sign of general contentment within the league setup.

KDDL AOCB proposals for AGM 2019.

Scoring rule

Following on from the temporary rule the committee brought in last season in light of the fact that there was not a rule stated in the rules and constitution of the KDDL, we need to make and adopt a new rule. Proposed new rule from committee: Whiteboard/chalk marking: It is the players as well as the markers responsibility to ensure the correct score is taken off, and any discrepancies must be heard before your next throw, otherwise the score stands.

(Agreed and adopted)

Craig Taylor

Home team marks one board, away team marks the other. (Agreed and adopted)

Ian Linklater

Pound per point for highest checkout of the season. (Not carried)

Brian Moar

Any team which registers, but was not registered the previous season, will be automatically entered into the lowest tier of the leagues. (Agreed and adopted)

Any team which registers 4 or more players who were all registered within the same team the previous season, shall be deemed to be the same team, regardless of any name change, and will be subject to the same conditions of promotion, relegation and penalties accrued during the previous season. (Agreed and adopted)

Any team wishing to change name without retaining at least 4 players from the previous season must get approval from the committee, otherwise they will be regarded to be a new team.

(Agreed and adopted)

Stuart Thomson

All postponed league games to be completed by the following Monday. (Rule is now that they have to be played by the end of each half.). (Not carried)

Kirkwall and District Darts League to change name to Orkney Darts League at conclusion of 2019-20 season. (Constitutional change). (Withdrawn)

Teams can have a home venue anywhere on the Orkney Mainland as long as the venue meets KDDL requirements. Other areas outside of the Orkney Mainland by agreement at AGM. (Constitutional change). (Not carried)

Paul Foubister

Cash prize as well as the regular trophy for the highest ranked player (Not carried)

A box of pens to be issued to every team captain so the home team can take responsibility for having working pens. (Not carried)

If you reside in the west you can play for them in the east v west game should the opposing captain pick you, otherwise you are available for the east. (Amended to play for the side in which you reside).

(Agreed to discuss this issue further between committees.)

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