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16 May 2022​We are excited to announce we are open this Saturday.

We are excited to announce we are open this Saturday.


Pop down between 10am - 4pm to pick up some fantastic bargains.

15 May 2022Mental Health Awareness Week

 Mental Health Awareness Week 


It is the end of Mental Health Awareness Week but remember our mental health matters and should be talked about every day. I hope this week has helped you come together and realise you are not alone.


Look after yourselves and know you are enough.

14 May 2022Mental Health Awareness Week

 Mental Health Awareness Week 

Part of looking after your mental health is making time to do something just for you.

So here are some self-care ideas from some of the staff and volunteers at EO. Do something for you this weekend.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday.

13 May 2022Mental Health Awareness Week

 Mental Health Awareness Week 

Here are a couple things to remember if you are feeling lonely.

Asking for help shows immense courage - It is not easy to ask for help but it will make you feel better.

You may feel lonely but please know you are not alone - There is always someone who will be there.

Loneliness is not a reason to settle - Don't settle for someone treating you poorly because you are lonely, you deserve better.

It's OK to lean on others, they want to help - You are not a burden.

13 May 2022Mental Health Awareness Week

 Mental Health Awareness Week 

What people think mental health is and what it really is can be completely different. We all have mental health, and we all need to look after it, so let’s break the misconceptions around mental health and start supporting everyone to look after theirs.

12 May 2022Mental Health Awareness Week

 Mental Health Awareness Week 

Sometime our minds prefer to jump between the past and the future and not concentrate on the present especially when we are struggling. During these times we can have a tunnel vision and struggle to see the options and choices available to us. It can feel as if we are powerless in the here and now and just want to race towards something even if we are uncertain of the end goal, which can make things seem darker and scarier than they actually are. This in turn creates a vicious cycle of thought such as “It will never get better” or “I’ve always felt like this”, feeding the negative emotions more energy, and making one feel stuck.

I am here to reassure you that things will indeed change, they always do eventually. Even if we cannot see it in the moment. It takes time, but all we can do is to attend to our needs in this moment.

11 May 2022Get to know - Archie Cannon

 Get to know - Archie Cannon 

Yesterday you got to hear about Colin today we will properly introduce you to Archie.

Archie joined our team in September as a retail assistant, and has a real flare for making our furniture posts on Social Media fun and quirky, and is a great team member.

Archie was offered a 6 month extension and we thought it was about time you knew the face behind some of our fantastic posts.

Click here a read a bit more about him.

11 May 2022Mental Health Awareness Week

 Mental Health Awareness Week 




There is a quote from the Titanic that I think depicts how loneliness can feel (bear with me). “I feel I'm standing in the middle of a crowded room, screaming at the top of my lungs, and no one even looks up.”

I think many of us have felt this way at some point - that it doesn’t matter how many people are around you, you feel alone and unable to get your feelings across. But please know there is always someone who will listen and support you.

I found an article about loneliness, that was different quotes from people of all walks of life. I found some of them heart-breaking to read but also, they rang true. I think in the last year we have all felt at least one of these statement at one time or another. But please all know that there is always someone who will be there even if it is to sit next to you in silence.

Here are some services and helplines that can help if you are struggling with loneliness and also help with your mental health.

VAO Adult Befriending Services - 01856 872897

Samaritans - 116 123

SANEline - 0300 304 700

National Suicide Prevention Helpline UK - 0800 689 5652

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) - 0800 58 58 58

Switchboard 0300 330 0630




10 May 2022Get to know - Colin Craigie

 Get to know - Colin Craigie 

If you have booked in for a collection or delivery in the past 7 months you would have greeted by one of our friendly van assistants Colin.

Colin has been a great addition to our van crew and is doing a fab job. Colin was offered a 6-month extension to his contract, so we thought it was about time you got to know a bit more about him.

Click here to find out more about him.

10 May 2022Mental Health Awareness Week

 Mental Health Awareness Week 


We all have bad days and sometime we can't quite find a way to turn it around, that is ok and completely normal.

Here are a couple things to remember on those bad days.

09 May 2022Mental Health Awareness Week

 Mental Health Awareness Week 

It is Mental Health Awareness week and one of the talking points is loneliness.

I think this is something that everyone can relate to and especially with the recent events from the pandemic. From isolating alone to yearning for social interaction outside of our immediate family. Loneliness doesn’t always mean that you are alone, sometimes loneliness is from feeling unable to communicate with those around you.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on everyone’s mental health. Statistics show that 1 in 5 individuals did not seek help when they needed it as they felt their problems were not serious enough. This shows there is still work to be done to give people hope and make them feel worthy of getting the support they need. Statistics also show that 55% of people are worried about seeing and being around others now that restrictions have eased. While we all need life to get back to some form of normal, we need to be understanding and supportive of those who are not ready and not make them feel alone.

This week is all about bringing awareness and understanding to each other’s mental health and trying to build a society that lifts each other up. So please remember there is always someone to turn to and support you when you need it.

05 May 2022Notice About Donations

Thank you to all our great customers for all your support. We are currently bursting at the seams with your fabulous donations and just need a bit of time to sort it all.


So we will not be accepting any donations of bric-a-brac & small electricals until further notice.


If you have working small electricals you would like to donate you can drop them off at the WEEE shed at Hatston Recycling Centre.


This will be reviewed regularly and we will keep you updated with any changes.


Sorry for any inconvenience.

04 May 2022Employability Orkney's Latest Newsletter

25 April 2022Spring Clearance Sale

Spring Clearance Sale


Monday 25th April to Friday 29th April




Our prices will put a spring in your step!!!


Pop down and pick up a bargain.

20 April 2022House Clearance Service

  House Clearance Service  


Restart Orkney offers a free house clearance service for Mainland Orkney.


We understands that house clearances may be a result of unforeseen circumstances and our friendly team can help minimize the stress.


If you would like more information or to book in, you can PM us on social media or give us a ring on 879 777.

18 April 2022Changes to the Covid-19 Guidelines - 18-04-2022

Changes to the Covid-19 Guidelines



The legal requirement to wear face coverings in most indoor public spaces has become guidance from today.


With the Scottish Government still strongly recommending that face coverings continue to be worn where appropriate, Employability Orkney and Restart Orkney staff and volunteers are going to continue to wear them.


We want to protect our staff, volunteers and of course our fantastic Restart Orkney customers. We will also still have hand sanitising stations at the entrance to the main shop and Glam Tin Shed and will also carry on with our cleaning regime to protect you all.


If you are displaying any of the signs or symptoms of COVID-19 please do not enter any of our premises.


We understand that many individuals will feel cautious and anxious regarding these changes, and we all need to be respectful and understanding of this.

15 April 2022Please get in contact if this concerns you.

We have a number of items in our container that have been paid for but not collected.


As quite a few of them have been there for many weeks, if they are not collected by the 22nd of April 2022 we will re-sell them.


Please phone us on 879 777 if this concerns you.


Thank you

15 April 2022Restart's EGG-CELLENT Easter Deals

Restart's EGG-CELLENT Easter Deals


Friday 15th & Monday 18th of April

All small electricals are half price this Easter. From hair straighteners to TVs and everything in between.

You will not want to miss this, our prices will shock you.

08 April 2022New Starts

New Starts

At the end of March we have welcomed three new members of staff to our retail team.

You will hear more about them over the coming months but for now, here is a peedie quote from each of them explaining what they want to get from their time at EO.

08 April 2022New Vacancy - Relief Van Driver

New Vacancy - Relief Van Driver

Our valuable service could not run effectively without the help of our relief van drivers covering busy periods, holidays, sickness etc. It is a paid position (£10 per hour) there is some heavy lifting involved but is a hugely rewarding job.

If you would like more information give our acting service manager Ian Robertson a ring on 876 605 or email [email protected]

Here is what one of our relief van drivers has to say about working at Restart Orkney.


07 April 2022Employability Orkney's Latest Newsletter

06 April 2022Success Story - James

Success Story - James

James joined our team in April 2021 through the Kickstart scheme, he then was offered an extension to his contract through CJS.

James has grown in confidence since he started and it is lovely to see. James has been a great addition and will be missed by everyone.

We wish James luck for the future and can not wait for updates on his next chapter.

Click this link to hear what James had to say about his time at Employability Orkney.

05 April 2022Donations Needed

Urgent Donations Needed


We are urgently looking for donations of;

Double Beds

Double Mattresses

Single Mattresses

Washing Machines





If you or anyone you know may be able to help you can phone 879 777 or PM us on Facebook to book in your free collection or you can drop them off to Restart Orkney.

Your furniture donations go a long way in helping furnish a new home for someone in need.

29 March 2022Collection for Ukraine

Employability Orkney / Restart Orkney is helping to raise funds to help the volunteers who are taking aid from Poland into Ukraine.

A valued Restart Orkney customer who has family in Ukraine gave us information letting us know the struggles they were having helping the volunteers cover the costs of fuel to get the aid from the borders into Ukraine.

We will have a collection tin in our shop, anything you can pop in to help the aid get to the folk that need it would be very much appreciated.

Here is an Instagram account to follow to find out more ways you can help.


28 March 2022Live Auction For Ukraine

 Live Auction For Ukraine 

We have this unique one off Orkney chair which we are auctioning in aid of the Ukrainian Appeal. All proceeds from the sale will go directly to those in need in Ukraine.

Bids can be placed in store or by PM.

We will be updating you all with the price as bids come in.

Bidding closes on Monday 11th of April at 12noon.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding

Click here to keep an eye on the incoming bids


28 March 2022Autism Acceptance Week

Autism Acceptance Week 2022

Did you know that around 700,000 people in the UK are living with autism right now?

Whether it’s your son, daughter, brother, sister or friend; we are all familiar with the medical term, but do you know what it is?

Let’s break some common misconceptions about autism:

You cannot always tell someone is autistic by just looking at them.

Autism is not always noticed during childhood and more and more people are receiving a diagnosis in adulthood.

No two autistic people are the same, it is a spectrum, each person has individual traits.

Did you know that just 22% of autistic people are in employment.

At Employability Orkney we know how individuals with autism can struggle but with the right support and encouragement they can be an amazing part of any workforce.

Throughout this week Employability Orkney wants to help raise awareness, as many people lack knowledge and understanding towards individuals on the autistic spectrum.

If you want to learn more about autism, please visit -


21 March 2022New Vacancy - Retail Supervisor

18 March 2022Friday Feeling

Friday Feeling
ONE DAY ONLY - 18/03/2022


After a very busy week at Restart Orkney we want to start the weekend off with a bang. So we are treating our lovely customers to 25% off all furniture.

You will not want to miss this!

15 March 2022New Vacancy - Relief Van Driver

10 March 2022Employability Orkney's Latest Newsletter

10 March 2022Changes To Our Opening Hours - Sorry For Any Inconvenience

Changes To Our Opening Hours 


Unfortunately, due to staff shortages there will be some temporary changes to our opening hours. This will be reviewed regularly, and we will keep you all updated.


We can’t thank you all enough for continuing to support our peedie charity.


Sorry for any inconvenience


The Employability Orkney Team.

07 March 2022Gaan The Distance For Ukraine

Gaan The Distance For Ukraine Appeal


Gaan The Distance For Ukraine is a collaborative effort by The Orcadian and McAdie & Reeve, aiming to deliver at least an arctic lorry load of vital supplies from Orkney to Ukrainian refugees who have fled their homes.


Employability Orkney/Restart Orkney want to help in anyway we can so are offering to collect items from folk who can’t get to a local drop off point. We have set areas for each day and will try to accommodate everyone the best we can.


Here is a list of items the appeal is looking for:

• Clothing (small amount)

• Mattresses (in clean good condition)

• Bedding

• Pillows

• Sleeping bags

• Sanitary products

• General toiletries

• Hats, scarves and gloves

• Toys for children

• Blankets

• Baby items such as nappies and wipes

• Baby clothing


Unfortunately, due to regulations, strictly no food, water or medicine can be accepted.


Please can all boxes and bags be labelled with Gaan The Distance for Ukraine appeal.


Give Restart Orkney a ring on 879 777, PM us on Facebook or email [email protected] to book in your free collection.

04 March 2022Shop Closed - Sorry For Any Inconvenience




The wall unit used to be a staple in everyone’s home, they were a practical piece of furniture where you could display ornaments but hide the muddles away.


Now they sometimes get a bit overlooked as they may seem a bit dated. Well, we feel this is an oversight they still can be the useful piece of furniture they once were and with a bit of imagination they can truly become beautiful once again.


Check out this FAB-U-LOUS upcycling project from one of our customers bringing the humble wall unit right up to date.


We have a great selection of wall units in stock, prices start from just £30.


28 February 2022Good Luck Drew

Success Story - Drew


Drew joined our team in August right in the middle of all our renovations and changes within the shop. He has grown in confidence and self belief whilst working here and really impressed us with his willingness to learn new tasks.


Drew is moving south to be closer to family and has been helped by Ian to apply for jobs.


We cant wait for updates from Drew on how he is getting on, and hope he will pop in and visit us when he is next over. 


Good Luck Drew


Click here to see our interview with Drew.

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