What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment's goal is to obtain real jobs, with real pay and real working conditions, for socially disadvantaged people; the same as for everyone else, but with on-going support from job coaches (Employment Support Workers).
It is based on the assumption that everyone has the capacity to work if barriers to employment are tackled and appropriate on-going support is provided. It is not about ‘caring’ for an individual, but rather ‘enabling’ him/her to do a job.
Supported Employment is not about short-term work tasters or placements; it is a long-term approach to integrate people with additional support needs into the mainstream labour market.
It does not fall into the category of job preparation or training; it is employment-specific. Job preparation courses tend to have a different focus, as they do not provide support at work.
We believe that motivation and success is increased when an individual feels that they are properly employed from the start - versus enrolling on a seemingly endless series of courses and training, with no real job materialising.
In Supported Employment, any essential training can be obtained, either on the job or whilst employed.

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