How to Apply - The Application Process

If you are interested in applying for funding there is a process, as outlined below, which you will need to follow.  Throughout the process the LEADER team will support you in submitting your application, therefore, if you have any questions regarding how to apply please contact us.

Stage 1 – Expression of Interest

If you are interested in applying for funding the first step is to contact the LEADER team to discuss your project idea.   At this stage you will be asked to complete an Expression of Interest Form, which will be provided by the LEADER team.  You must answer all the questions on the form and return it to the LEADER office. This form will then be checked to verify that the project, and activities, you are proposing:

  • fit with the priorities and aims of the Local Development Strategy
  • are suitable to apply for EMFF CLLD funding
  • fit within the timeframe avaliable (all projects must be fully complete, with all funds reclaimed by December 2020)

The LEADER team will then contact you with feedback. If the project appears to fit with these basic, initial criteria, you will be invited to complete a full application for funding through the online e-system portal. Click here to access the e-system portal.

Stage 2 – Application for Funding

Application Flowchart

Applications will be made via the online e-system portal.

A business case must also be submitted if the total project costs £25,000 or more. The Business Case template can be found here.

The e-system will validate whether the application is complete by checking that all required fields have been filled out.  If the application is incomplete, you will be prompted to revise the application.  The LEADER team will be available to advise and support you in the application process, by for example, checking draft applications before formal submission on the online e-system portal.

Once you submit your online application you will be required to print a copy and sign and date it before posting to the LEADER team. The LEADER team must receive a signed and dated hard copy to enable your application to be processed.

Stage 3 – Assessment of the Application

Once you have submitted your application, the proposed project will be assessed by the Orkney Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG).

Once the FLAG has completed their assessment of the project application, they will forward their recommendations to Marine Scotland, who will be responsible for making the final decision.

Stage 4 – Offer of Funding

Marine Scotland will advise applicants direct of their decisions on funding.

Stage 5 – Project Implementation and Claims

Project claims will be made using  the online e-system portal. The LEADER team will be available to advise and support you in the claims process, for example by checking draft claims before formal submission on the online e-system portal.

All payments of claims will be made by Marine Scotland.

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