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The Kirk & Coronavirus 

Following national guidance the congregations in both Westray and Papay will not be holding any services from now until further notice. This also applies to group meetings and other events. 

We are sad about this and recognise that this decision will leave a significant gap in some people’s lives at a time of great concern throughout the community but it’s vitally important that everyone complies with efforts to curb the advance of this virus. 

Social contact is a defining feature of both communities and the loss of it will be difficult to bear. But it’s also a time when we can all make special efforts to look out for others and to maintain contact by phone, e-mail etc. especially with those who are lonely or most vulnerable. 

Westray Parish Kirk and St. Ann’s in Papay will both remain open at all times for anyone wishing some prayer time or quiet space but the current advice is that folk should not gather in groups of more than 4 or 5 at a time and that anyone displaying symptoms of the virus should not go at all. 

If you would like to speak to the minister about this matter or anything else please get in touch at any time. 

Keep well and God bless, 


Iain MacDonald / 677357 / [email protected] 



The Church of Scotland is the Parish Church for Westray and Papay. The Westray Kirk is a large building at Kirkbrae, on the right hand side of the road heading north, about two miles south of Pierowall. It is beside the signpost for Cleaton House Hotel. St. Ann’s Kirk in Papay is next to the school.

St. Boniface Kirk in Papay (although no longer owned by the Church of Scotland) is also used occasionally for worship. You will find a warm welcome at any of these places.

In Westray we value working closely with our Baptist neighbours, sharing in evening worship as well as a number of other services and events throughout the year. There is also a Gospel Hall (Christian Brethren) on each island.

We also work through the Orkney Presbytery of the Church of Scotland and have strong links with many other Orkney congregations. Several members of the local Church serve at national level on some of the General Assembly’s Boards and Committees.

The Westray and Papay congregations are “linked”, which means that they share a minister but have their own office bearers and Kirk Sessions. This system has worked to the benefit of both islands for several generations.

The Church of Scotland is numerically the largest denomination here but we are still small enough to enjoy informality and a closeness of fellowship, which we see as an advantage.

Both congregations have recently been involved in major building refurbishment and now have building assets to be proud of.




        Westray Kirk                                                                    St Ann's Kirk




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