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Here at Love Food Hate Waste March and April is all about Quick Kitchen Shortcuts, so that we can make the most of springtime and get out and about more!

We will be providing some shortcuts that can go a long way towards saving both time and money.   When we don’t have all the ingredients or time or space to batch cook complete meals, Love Food Hate Waste will be showing how a bit of preparation in advance and planning for those busy days can save us loads of time when we need a quick meal fix.

Takeaways, eating out, or grabbing something on the way home is an option and can be a great timesaver.  The trouble is, if these are unplanned, last minute decisions, they can often lead to us wasting food that we already have in at home.  Only 20% of us know what the meals for the week will be and 20% decide on the day.  Scottish homes throw away £508 million worth of food each year, simply because we didn’t get round to eating it in time.  Sadly, even bought or takeaway meals worth £65 million get thrown away each year.

So we hope to inspire over the next couple of months and help you to learn some of our quick kitchen shortcuts! We'll be posting them regularly on Facebook and here on the website.

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