LFHW Cooking Classes!


To support the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, Orkney Zerowaste organises free cooking classes to teach local residents how to make the most of their leftovers. In the classes residents are taught about the benefits of cooking at home and using leftovers, along with being taught a few quick recipes to provide the skills needed. We can organise workshops for staff/volunteers/groups who are interested why not get in touch if you'd like one.

Useful info:
•Each cooking class runs for approximately 2 hours and each follows on from the other.
•Booking is essential as places are limited to 12.
•The classes are free and you'll get a few goodies too!
•Participants are welcome to take home some of the items they cook - so bringing along a resealable container is advised.

To reserve a place on a free Love Food Hate Waste cooking class or for more information, please

Email us and we'll see if we can help!

If you cant make this round of classes, or want us to host one with your local group contact us and ask to be informed directly with the details of forthcoming Love Food Hate Waste cooking classes and our other events.

Inspired by our cooking classes? Or did you miss out and still want some help reducing your food waste? Then why not download the free Love Food Hate Waste smartphone app - available from the Android Marketplace and for IOS from the app store.

Find out how you can save on your shopping bill and learn how to use up your leftovers with these new information leaflets.

Save up to £50 per month

On average, UK households waste 8.3 million tonnes of food and drink every year, two thirds of which could have been eaten. Reducing your food waste is easy and can save families £680 a year! This equates to 59,660 tonnes of avoidable food waste produced every year.

Six Steps to Reduce Waste and Save Money
1.Plan your meals for the week to avoid overbuying, use our FREE wipe clean meal planner to help!

2.Get to know your dates - Foods are safe to eat after the ‘best before’ date, but may no longer be at their tastiest. Except for eggs which can only be eaten up to two days after the'best before' date if they are thoroughly cooked until the yolk is hard or fully cooked in something such as a cake.

3.Fresh items such as meat and dairy must be eaten before the ‘use by date’.

4.Use a shopping list and try and stick to it. This will save you time and money by only buying what you need. Supermarket offers can be tempting but make sure you will use them before they go off, or freeze them if possible to use at a later date.

5.Love your leftovers. There are lots of great recipes to transform any leftovers into tasty meals. Visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.com to find a recipe for your ingredients, or take a look at our Leicestershire Loves Leftovers recipe book.

6.Make the most of the freezer. Many fresh foods can be frozen such as - vegetables, meat, fish, milk, whipped cream, bread, cakes and hard cheese


Seasonal Recipes

As you enjoy yourself this autumn, please spare a thought for the million or so pumpkins that are left feeling hollow when discarded on landfill sites each year. Remember, a pumpkin isnt just for halloween, it can be for dinner too!

Instead of wasting the sweet orange flesh of your Jack-o-lantern, why not use a recipe trick to conjour up a tasty treat, and when you have finished scaring your neighbours, remember to compost the remains of your pumpkin if you can.

To find out more about the national campaign, and for more handy food hints and advise visit www.scotland.lovefoodhatewaste.com.


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