On the Friday we look forward to the Orkney Folk Festival visitors - performing artistes are; The Hot Seats, The Lowland Linties and Finday Napier. The music for the dance will be provided by The Michael Philip Scottish Dance Band. The Community Association will be hosting this event, which is sure to be a grand ‘do’.  On Saturday morning, Evan Williams is inviting you all up to Tangarth to see his new 00 guage model railway display, based on the 1950’s southern approach to Leicester Central Station.  Saturday also sees the beginning of a new event in the golfing calendar, a ‘pro-am’ event.  This taster is for folk keen to learn the finer points of our 9-hole golf course.  You can take in a few holes with our resident ‘professional’ club golfers; they will show you (the ‘amateurs’) the way and guide you round. This is ideal for people fancying a shot, or indeed the closet golfers wishing to dust off their skills.  Also in the afternoon, the Brownies and Guides welcome you along to the school hall to attend their fundraising sale. A spinning demonstration will also be held at the sale. This will be followed by an indoor bowls sessions for adults and children – come along and have a go, or just to watch and have a blether.  There will be plenty of time to have a nice meal at one of the splendid hostelries before heading to the Belsair for the Whisky Tasting event hosted by Sue Mellors.  You can book for this by contacting Liz Brown (600 730), but beware numbers are limited!  On Sunday we have another Soulka first – a Pet Show!  So children (and adults) think about taking your peedie and not-so-peedie pets along to the school field to show them off.  Early risers will have the chance to visit the Lighthouse. Booking is essential and can be done by phoning Rod the Ranger - Tel 600341. In the afternoon we will be welcoming local athlete Willliam Sichel to give a talk titled `Rabbits, Running and Wrinkles - My Story So Far’. Also D & M Rendall are holding their Annual Bedding Plant and Herb Sale at Neigarth. Following the talk, and before the boat departs, Jacqueline and her crew will be offering a Soulka Sunday Supper, their take-away or sit-in meals, once again fundraising for the island’s Christmas Tree Party and other events for the children. 

The Croft Museum and Heritage Centre, with a new display for the forthcoming year, will be open daily from 9.30am to 5.00pm, with a special welcome to Soulka visitors.

As well as all these ‘main’ events, we  have open studios, craft demonstrations, the Soulka raffle and more.  We look forward to seeing you and your visitors ‘oot and aboot’.


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