Sanday Soulka 2017


........is just around the corner!


Why not join us this weekend for our first Soulka weekend of 2017.


Lots of things to get involved with, watch, listen, look at and most importantly, enjoy.


Take a look at the timetable on the North of the Galt Gathering page to see whats happening.


Highlights being:

Friday; Saddlers Bar - Family games night - prize bingo and beetle drive among others.

Saturday; North Isles Sports followed by ceilidh dance.

Sunday; Billy Cardno talk - The Camp at the Willows - followed by Belt Hid Oot, supported by The Belkie Allsorts, live music concert.




The all important dates for this years weekends are:


June 30th - July 2nd - North o the Galt Gathering

August 4th - 6th - Food, Farming and Fishing

September 15th - 17th - September Stramash


Please check back regularly for updates on what's on each weekend.






Soulka..... the meaning :

A word recorded by Jakob Jakobsen, the Faroese scholar who visited Orkney to collect words over a hundred years ago. It is listed in Gregor Lamb’s book ‘Hid kam intae words’, where the meaning is given as ‘the circle of the horizon as far as can be seen’. We have extended this meaning to include our cultural as well as geographical horizon.



The Soulka Man - created by W McArthur






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