September 13th-15th Sanday Soulka:

Change, Journeys and Migrations

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for details of venues, timings and costs  - have a look at the detailed September timetable - click here.

Friday13th …

·               Shearwater – see separate flyer in your Sanday Sound

Malcolm Green and Tim Dalling will have been in School during the day, and hope to see the youngsters again – with their parents and friends and everyone else for the evening Show.

See the Shearwater facebook page by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/Shearwater2013

Saturday 14th …

·               The Changing World; Journeys, Migrations and Human adaptation

Dr. Martin Bates will explore journeys from the earliest human migrations across ancient Europe to the wanderings of our direct ancestors along the shores of now-drowned landscapes.

·               The Rising Tide Project

Meet Caroline Wickham-Jones and the team behind the study of Orkney's changing landscape: find out why they are fascinated by mud, meet a diatom, watch the divers videos to see what you can spot, and examine replicas of Stone Age tools.

See the project team at Orkney's Science Festival this month; click here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIfZ9sjucvY

·               Science and Adventuring in Greenland

Scottish Oceans Institute geophysicist Dr Richard Bates will be giving an illustrated presentation about his scientific research and his preferred mode of transport – a kayak.

Click here for a look at some photographs.. http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/journal/kayaking-greenlands-melting-glaciers.htm

·               Broken Strings

Two years ago, these talented youngsters filled the Hall. We’re looking forward to hearing them again in concert… and there’ll be a licenced bar.

Find the Broken Strings facebook page by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/BrokenStringsOrkney

Sunday 15th …

·               Sanday Tourism and Business Group Autumn Fair

Island residents and local charities have been invited to sell from their own tables… a kind of glorified indoor car-boot sale.

·               Bird-watching with the Anchor Cottage enthusiasts

Join Andrew Whewell and Graeme Garner for a stroll from Anchor Cottage in Lady Village (next to the Manse) looking at birds in the gardens and waders at Catasand.

·               Journeys, Migrations and Climate  change

Iain Hartley and Mark Lewis each give a half-hour presentation about the movements of birds (Iain) and cetaceans (whales & dolphins), and relate them to climate change.

·               Orkney Wildlife films

Orcadian wildlife photographer Raymond Besant concludes the Soulka weekend by showing just some of his beautiful and evocative photography of Orkney’s natural history.

Find Raymond's website by clicking here http://raymondbesant.com/photography.asp



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