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Sanday Soulka 2014

Come and join us on Sanday for two exciting Soulka weekends this year

June 27-29:

Soulka Sporting Spectacular

August 1-3:

Food, Farming and Fishing

Have a look back at the photographs of last year's Soulka weekends in May, June, August and September. 

Click on the headings below; there are  photographs of just some of the events....

May 24th-26th: Island Life

June 28th-30th: Gruellie Belkies Oot 'n' Aboot

August 2nd-4th: Food, Farming and Fishing 

September 13th-15th: Change, Journeys and Migrations 


Sanday celebrated again in 2013  – the Soulka group organised four weekends…….

Each weekend had a theme, and while many of the events were related to that theme, there were others that are always popular – open studios, informal music sessions, dances or concerts.