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21 December 20172017 Festive Gig List

Once again Claire has done us proud and compiled the annual festive music frenzy into a coherent schedule.

It's a moving target, and this is version 4, fresh on the 19th December. Updates are that the Bigsy Whalps are now joining the Boxing Day Bash in the Sands with Constant Party, and that tonight's Acoustic Mother gig in The Torv is off. Also on the 27th, the Dirty Rotters and Usual Suspects will be in The Ola from 9pm.


21 December 2017Orkney Live Wire presents... our first podcast!

Hello, and welcome to the first ever Orkney Live Wire podcast! In this edition, we have interviews with Wayward, Drones, and bass guitar player Ross Kennedy, we also have tracks from Rum Ham and the Bigsy Whalps, and we discuss what we're looking forward to seeing over the Christmas festivities in Orkney.


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