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Orkney LEADER Strategy 2007-2013

The Orkney Islands LEADER Strategy and Business Plan was submitted to the Scottish Government on the 14th November 2007.  This plan was produced in order to provide information on Orkney and the areas deemed important with regard to attracting LEADER funding.  A copy of this plan can be viewed by clicking here.

Based on the Scottish Government project outcomes for LEADER, matched with the key issues identified within the Orkney LEADER Business Plan, the following two project outputs were considered relevant for each application to address:

Revitalising Communities

Progressive Rural Economy

Please click on the outputs above for more information on their criteria.

Within Orkney LEADER, five key target groups were identified as being of importance towards achieving the recently produced community plan - Orkney 2020 : Our Vision.

These groups were as follows:

  • Young people (aged up to 25)
  • Young people (aged 26-30)
  • Women
  • Lower paid (including the under-employed)
  • Working are living in (or moving to) particularly fragile areas

For further information on why these groups were deemed important with regard to LEADER please click on the target groups criteria here.

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