Welcome to the Website for the Orkney Islands LEADER Programme 2007-2013


In late 2007 the Orkney Islands LEADER Action Group (LAG) submitted a bid to the Scottish Government for LEADER funding for the period 2007-2013. 

On the basis of this bid, Orkney was awarded £2.11 million.  The Orkney Islands LAG are now successfully delivering the LEADER programme and we welcome enquiries from interested parties.

Please take some time to view the various pages and information downloads available through our website, which contain more details on the Orkney LEADER fund.

If you wish to discuss LEADER further please contact Amy Esslemont by calling - 01856 873535 ext. 2855, or e-mailing - amy.esslemont@orkney.gov.uk 


Now that the Orkney LEADER Programme has had 15 rounds with 75 successful projects, all funding is committed.


2014-2020 Programme


Following the 2007-2013 Programme, the Orkney Islands LEADER Action Group has submitted a bid to the Scottish Government for LEADER funding for the period 2014 – 2020.    

The LEADER 2014-2020 Programme will be delivered in Scotland by Local Action Groups implementing Local Development Strategies (LDS) for their area. The LDS outlines how LEADER will be coordinated locally, as well as the core themes and priorities the fund will invest in.  In order to identify the core themes and priorities to focus on, various consultation exercises took place including questionnaires, open sessions and stakeholders meetings.

The core themes and priorities identified for the 2014-2020 ORkney LEADER Programme are as follows, any project looking for LEADER funding will need to demonstrate strong linkages to at least one of the themes:

  • Support small business and enterprise start-up, growth and diversification
  • Support for Orkney’s tourism, cultural heritage, crafts, and food & drink sectors
  • Support for Orkney’s community services and facilities
  • Support for Orkney’s natural environment and development and sustainable energy
  • Support development of Orkney’s fisheries sector and communities

Whilst Orkney LEADER is still unable to confirm when the next Programme will be open for applications, we would welcome early discussions regarding potential project ideas.  However, please be aware that as the 2014-2020 Programme guidelines are not yet finalised we will not be able to fully confirm Project eligibility.

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