06 October 2016
First ranking points competition takes place this week

There's no change at the top of the Williamsons 'A' league as the Legion continue on their merry way with another win. This time it was the Wanderers who crashed 8 - 4 and have yet to gain a point this season.
Since the Legion started their domination of the 'A' league they have won 127 games out of 133 and only have had two defeats and four draws, and along with the Golf Club who beat the Untouchables 10 - 2 are the only teams with full points.
But the top score goes to the Commodores who whitewashed the Sands 2 12 nil, and that set a new record as it's the Sands second 12 nil in 3 games.
There was a first defeat for the Quoyburray 'B' team going down 8 - 4 to the Untouchables 'A'.
Sanday lost more ground as the Legion Arrows held them to a 6 - 6 draw.

No score in the game from the St Ola v Nomads game in the Williamsons 'B' league. Captains are reminded that score cards have to be in the Legion by 12 noon on the Saturday. No card, no score home team loses points. Also, no score from the Vikings v Tankerness game.
Of the few games played there was good wins for the Bilco Boys as the hammered the Motorhoose 10 - 2. The same score for the Muppets over St Ola 'B' and Quoyburay remain undefeated after beating the Murray Arms out in the Hope 7 - 5.  

180's from Andrew Moar, Billy Brown, Derek Manson, Ivan Leslie, Kevin Gray, Leigh Shearer, Ian Linklater, Jim Brown, Stevie Linklater, Brian Stevenson, Ian Findlay, Keith Bain, Andrew Rendall and two from Derek Firth, Graham Firth, Kevin Gray and Derek Firth has a 12 dart doubles leg.
High checkouts of 100 and 106 Robbie Stanger, 110 Davie Henderson, 115 Billy Ward, 116 Andrew Moar, 118 Andrew Rendall and Alan Gray, 120 Colin Barnett, 129 Derek Manson, 138 Freddie Tait and 161 Kevin Gray.

It's one of the big nights on Friday, as it's the first of the seven ranking points events. It's the Louttit Singles open to all registered players and it's in the Legion, names in by 7.30pm.
The points gathered by the players go towards selection for the team to play Shetland as the Orkney boys go for 7 in a row and I'm sure Shetland will do everything possible to stop that happening.

Williamsons 'A' League
Wanderers 4, Legion 8; Sanday 6, Legion Arrows 6; Commodores 12, Sands 0; Quoyburray 'B' 4, Untouchables 'A' 8; Untouchables 2, OGC 10; no game - Warriors.

Williamsons 'B' League
Muppets 10, St Ola 'B' 2; Vikings v Tankerness - no score; Motorhoose 2, Bilco Boys 10; Murray Arms 5, Quoyburray 7; St Ola v Nomads - no card; no game - Shapinsay.

Friday, October 7 - Louttit Singles (Ranking), Legion, 7.30pm.

Monday, October 10
Williamsons 'A' League
Legion v Legion Arrows; Wanderers v Sands 2; Sanday v Untouchables 'A'; Quoyburray 'B' v Untouchables; Warriors v OGC; no game - Commodores.

Williamsons 'B' League
St Ola 'B' v Tankerness; Muppets v Bilco Boys; Vikings v Quoyburray; Motorhoose v Nomads; St Ola v Shapinsay; no game - Murray Arms.

Monday, October 17 - St Ola Cup (B), Masonic, 7.30pm.

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