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Frequently Asked Questions

What is community planning?

The purpose of Community Planning is to encourage organisations, and the communities they serve, to join together in planning how they would like their communities to develop. Due to the smaller scale of the organisations involved in Orkney, this notion of joined working was familiar before Community Planning became a legal requirement for local authorities on 1st April 2003.

Why do we need community planning?

Community Planning is needed to ensure that the services provided to the people of Orkney are of the highest possible standards. Many of the organisations involved have their own particular purpose and provide different services. However, by collaborating on specific projects, they have improved the services they offer separately by working together in partnership with other organisations. Therefore, Community Planning covers many issues but crucial to all of them are the six key principles of survival, sustainability, equalities, working together, working with communities, and working to deliver better services.

Which organisations are involved in community planning?

Community planning involves a number of organisations such as:- OIC, NHS Orkney, Orkney Enterprise Ltd, the Northern Constabulary, Voluntary Action Orkney, local interest groups, local businesses, and voluntary organisations, to name a few.

How do I find out about the work being undertaken by the community planning partnership?

There are a variety of sources providing information about the work of the Community Planning Partnership. These include:

Here, at the Orkney Community Planning website

  • At the Orkney Communities website: www.orkneycommunities.co.uk
  • Through the partnership’s public performance reporting in the local media
  • By contacting any of the organisations involved in the Community Planning Process.

How can I input into community planning?

Through this website! See the contacts page.

Will my views and opinions make a difference?

We all have our own ideas of what we would like to see happening in Orkney; ranging from short term practical ideas, to long term visions for the future. Now it is hoped that the Community Planning Partnership can pull together these ideas from as wide a range of public opinion as possible. This, in combination with partnership organisations, can make sure that our collective efforts are focussed on the shared aims and objectives for the future of Orkney.

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