The Orkney Community Planning Partnership is currently undergoing a major restructuring. Some of the information on this site may therefore be out of date. We apologise for any inconvenience and will do our best to update it as soon as possible. 

See the public consultation on our new plan which starts on Thursday 27 August 2015. 

Community Planning in Orkney

Welcome to the Orkney Community Planning Partnership website. Here you will find information about community planning in Orkney including minutes of meetings, news and supporting documents which set out plans for the future such as the Single Outcome Agreement. We welcome your views on any community planning issue. Our contact details are available on this website. 
Community planning is about ensuring that organisations work together, and with communities, to improve the quality of people’s lives through more effective delivery of services. Here in Orkney we are very good at working together, as there is a sense of community which succeeds in making things happen.
The mission of the Partnership is to ensure that local organisations work together and with communities to improve the quality of people's lives, provide better services, and create a shared vision for the future to which we can all subscribe.




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