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Chairperson Blog 16

by Unknown - 14:26 on 28 June 2013


28 JUNE 2013

This is really a catch up since my last blog in May and before we wind down for the summer.

The Scottish U3A held their AGM on 7 June in Stirling.  The business was, as to be expected, primarily formal with a new Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer elected and a consequential vacancy for a Vice-Chairman since Tom Berney was elected as Chairman.  The meeting also passed the motion below:

This AGM welcomes the continuing increase in the number of U3As and their membership in Scotland and agrees it presents increased opportunities for co-operation and exchange of ideas and information between them. We also recognise that the developing role of Regional Trustees and the introduction of regional voluntary Education and Development Contacts will also present new opportunities. The Executive Committee is therefore requested, in consultation with member U3As, to conduct a review of U3A in Scotland’s structure and activities to take account of these developments and to present any proposed constitutional or organisational amendments to the 2014 or a subsequent AGM.

We will be consulted and I will see that you have the chance to express your views. 

The AGM was a good opportunity to network and among other things I was able to meet Myrtle Gillies, Chairman from Caithness face to face for the first time.  We agreed it would be helpful for us to see how both U3As can work together on areas of common interest and also wherever possible present a united front from the more remote parts of the country.

The Committee met on 10 June.  We noted that a few members were still to pay the subscription and they will have received a mail asking about this.  We agreed to take up membership of VAO, both because we are part of the voluntary sector in Orkney and on that basis membership is appropriate and also as there are advantages to us in terms of meeting rooms and other facilities.  It was also agreed to but an annual copyright licence so that we are covered if members need to make copies of anything for presentations either within groups or to the general meetings.  Kate Barrett is helping us with publicity and advertising.    We also agreed to hold a quiz on 5 December in the MacGillvray room so watch this space.

You may not have seen the very useful booklet HOPE – HELP AND SUPPORT FOR OLDER PEOPLE booklet.  This campaign was launched by Kirsty Macdonald of Orkney CAB on 1 March 2013.  The aim of the campaign is to ensure that Orkney’s older people are getting their entitlement to financial support through benefits and reductions.  It is well worth reading.

Our last general meeting, before we recessed for the summer, was a talk by Rosie Wallace on her experiences as an author on 21 June.  It was an extremely interesting insight into how her books were brought together from the first start in her imagination through making progress with writing them with everything else she had to do as the MP/MSP’s wife here on top of bringing up a family and doing her own job as well.  It was very well received, being both entertaining and instructive for anyone who might be thinking they had a book inside them.

One final point, it might have been a senior moment on my part, but the last two meetings in the calendar have the wrong date.  They are down as March 19 and it should be March 20.

There will be radio silence from me until after the summer.  Our next meeting is on Thursday August 15, when Mike Whittles of ASHA will be talking of the work they do in Bangla Desh...

Have a good summer break.


28 June 2013

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