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Photo Group 1 - Burwick

by Unknown - 21:31 on 29 May 2013

Well,  despite the unpromising weather forecast for murk and mist ,it turned out to be lovely sunny day for our trip to Burwick.It was so nice that many had no coats on at all !! Thirteen of us spread out to the cliffs ,down the pier where the John 'O Groats ferry was tied up while others headed to the ruined farm house (which isn't all as ruined as it used to be). Sea Pinks and Scarfies on the cliffs ,rust and rope on the pier as well as lobsters and crabs being landed, kept us busy. On the way to Banks Bistro for the all important tea ,we stopped off at the poor lighten damaged church on the shore. Tiles off, holes in the roof and broken windows make this a ruin in the making ,the problems only becoming fully apparent with a walk around both sea and road aspects. It's upsetting to see but will anyone take on the repairs before another winter takes it completely apart ?
At the Bistro ,we were met by the unusual sight of  a burial cairn being covered with earth in a sort of reverse archaeological dig. Luckily Barbara Hyde seemed to have it all under control.
Tea drunk ,we viewed photos  of Houton, with some lovely interior Byre shots, although the use of the chains in them provided food for thought for one person. I was delighted to see that the weather had been kind that day with lots of blue sky to be seen ,if windy. A pair of highly humorous photos of the perils of letting helium filled balloons go without checking the wind direction ,were the stand out photos for me ,but we had a lovely selection and variety from an interesting location.
" Cutlery " had stimulated the Silvo to be pulled out and included in one photo. We had photos of curry spoons ,cutlery from the army in the first World War, ,fish utensils , forks and knives of all shapes and sizes including a Skian Dhu  made in Sheffield (rather unpatriotic ).Well done to all who took part, especially those that signed their work on the back.
The next trip we hope is to Eday on 3rd July .I have emailed the Ranger who does the tours but will get back to you with details when I have them and the all important cost. She has a website on the Orkney Communities website so have a look and see what it says.
Homework this month is "Wildlife " which can include plants but not domestic animals, the emphasis being on Wild.
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