28 April 2016
AOP - Celebrating Scapa Flow 6/7 May

Another Orkney Production company’s Celebrating Scapa Flow event for 2016 focusses on the centenary of HMS Royal Oak's commissioning in the Royal Navy, which took place in early May 1916.  They will look at the 23 years that the ship was in service and her extraordinary career from Jutland to the Mediterranean (including the "mutiny")) and her involvement in the Spanish Civil War - not something you hear about very often.  So much of the story is concentrated on what happened in Scapa Flow in October 1939 and very little about the rest of her service.

They will be covering how the ship was built by one of the leading experts on the construction of battleships, Ian Johnston, who featured in the BBC documentary series in Clydebuilt ships talking about HMS Hood, and Commander David Hobbs who will cover the life of HMS Royal Oak. Their second night features a more informal discussion about HMS Royal Oak, and also has two short films made by Peter Rowlands and John Findlay.  The first is an interview with the diver Sandy Robertson who discovered what had happened to the Royal Oak and recalls that night in great detail. It is a very powerful and gripping piece. The second is a sequence of underwater footage of the wreck, which is very moving. 

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