Go on - Get Involved!

Beyond contributing to the sustainability of life on this beautiful island volunteer work is a great way to add skills to your CV and increase your confidence and abilities. It can also be fun and very satisfying. We realise that becoming more involved with the Trust can seem a daunting prospect. We are planning to run induction courses for both sub group members and for directors. This may all seem a bit formal but when we know how to run things properly then more does get achieved, time is spent more fruitfully and there is a lot less frustration. All volunteers are very precious to us as we realise that folk do have very little disposable time these days and they have to be happy with the way it is being spent.

Shapinsay folk can contribute to the work of the Trust in three ways.

  • Become a member. The more members we have the easier it is to demonstrate support for the Trust when applying to funding bodies for the grants we need to do the work. Please go to the libary page for a membership form.

  • Become a volunteer. If you would like to contribute your time and skills to community work organised by the Trust, contact the Staff or one of the directors.

  • Stand for election as director at the next AGM. Directors are elected by the membership annually at the AGM.


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