Family Connections Project

If you're having family difficulties and feeling stuck then the Family Connections Project may be a step in the right direction.

This service focuses on the quality of relationships within families and how that affects everyone in that family. There are no winners in family conflict with evidence from the latest neuroscience highlighting the profound negative impact on children.

We aim to help children get the best possible start in life and people using this service can expect to be better supported and more able to meet the needs of their children by dealing more effectively with their own difficulties.

The outcomes we help you to work towards are reducing conflict, strengthening family relationships and improving wellbeing. We can also help establish and maintain contact between parents, family members and children they no longer live with.

The project uses professionally trained counsellors and therapists with a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise. Families using the service can access:

Individual Counselling
Relationship Counselling
Family Mediation
Substance Misuse Support
Play Therapy
Youth Counselling
Child Contact Centre

Further information
Please click on the links below to download our leaflets on the Family Connections Project
Information for Families
Information for Professionals
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