Love Food Hate Waste Challenge


The aim of the  challenge was to highlight what can be done to minimise waste and alter bad habits that can be easily formed. To do this participants were asked to completely use as much of a shopping basket of groceries provided by Orkney Zerowaste within the challenge week, minimising waste. The challenge ran from 23rd February to 1st March.

Participants attended a "Love Food Hate Wase" training session. All remarked how shocked they were to learn how much food was wasted in Scotland and much of it still in date and unopened in original packaging! See for yourself on www.wasteawarelovefood.org.uk

Selection of competitors - 3 categoies, looking for two from each.

1. Single occupancy household

2. Couple occupancy household (a couple of friends could get together for the week).

3. Family occupancy household

The particpants were selected randomly (name in a hat style).



Very close competition (the difference between second and third place was 0.2%)

1st Prize (Least waste produced) was Linsey Drever who won an Orkney Food Hamper

Photo: Linsey Drever with Fay Mckenzie and Jenni Kakkonen, directors of Orkney Zerowaste

2nd place went to T Shearer

Photo: Tim and Fiona Shearer receiving their prize from Fay Mckenzie and Jenni Kakkonen

3rd place went to C Turnbull

Most creative recipe - winner was Linsey Drever again winning a mini Orkney Food Hamper.

Recipe producing least waste  C Turnbull

All participants received £15.00 Shearers shopping voucher.


Ideas used by participants included:

  • Using all of chicken meat and then using chicken carcass to make soup stock;
  • Washing out plastic trays to package meat thoroughly and then re-using as seed tray;
  • Bags used for containing loose fruit & vegetables were reused for sandwich bags, also adding a saving to the household budget;
  • Keep bags for items which can be recycled next to household bin then either utilise kerbside collection where available or just take it into one of the conveniently situated civic amenity sites when going into town;
  • Composting vegetable/fruit peelings;
  • Using green cones for disposal of cooked food/bones.

Contact Andrew Bowman, Zerowaste co-ordiator for Orkney Zerowaste on 01856 771437 or

email [email protected]

For more details on how to Love Food Hate Waste visit www.wasteawarelovefood.org.uk


The Orkney Zerowaste volunteer program (and associated waste reduction themes such as Love Food Hate Waste) is funded by Zero Waste Scotland. Zero Waste Scotland is the new programme created by the Scottish Government to support delivery of its Zero Waste Plan.





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