Evelyn's Poem


In order to publicise the official launch of the dialect poetry competition, our Secretary Lynn Campbell was interviewed on BBC Radio Orkney, which was broadcast on the morning of 12th January.  

Upon hearing this interview, Lynn's friend Evelyn E from Holm had a hit of inspiration.  Below are the fruits of her labours.  See, inspiration can come from anywhere!


Dialect Poetry


Written for Lynn between eight an half past, after hearing her request on Radio Orkney this morning Tuesday the 12/01/2010


Oh, me heed it is a birran,

Many thoughts arr in ther wirran,

An dialect words arr ther a birran,

An fae me mooth arr skirran.


Bit, tae pit them a tae gither,

Tae mak sense o een-an-ither,

An nae tae let them wither,

‘is sent me hert apivver.


Oh, whit is Lynn, ageen an dunn

Tae pit oot this request, under thee sun

Tae ‘rite a bit o dialect poetry - a muin,

In half an hoor, it wis bit dunn.


It made me hand tae pit,

Doon on paper – aa some sh*t

An made me feel, a bit o a tit,

Fur ‘ritan this, bit o a skit !


I hope it sets ithir folk aff tae ‘rite sumthin’ better !


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