Lines of Connection - Samantha Gray

by Stephanie Cullen - 13:53 on 27 August 2019


   Samantha Gray has very recently received her BA Honours in Fine Art, if you didn’t catch her work at a recent Orkney College graduate exhibition, then we’re pleased to announced that we have some of her work on show in the upstairs of our gallery this month.

   Lines of Connection draws on Samantha’s interest in Orkney archaeology and the people who once lived in those well-visited historical sites. Whether armed with a stick as a divining rod or delving into the graphics produced by magnetometer readings shared by UHI Archaeology Institute and ORCA, the artist has followed and tried to represent the lines etched into the landscape by these old settlements. A series of collagraph prints give the relief of Brodgar, showing the paths once trod regularly in Neolithic Orkney. Gel plate prints of the Standing Stones are overlaid by stitched lines, showing both the paths that emanate from this site and the connection of the people who have walked them in the past and still walk them today (it’s no mistake that these pieces are titled ‘Pilgrimage’ as people travel many miles to follow the footsteps of people long gone in an almost holy reverence for the past).

   The artist says, “As an Orcadian, I feel a connection to the landscape at Brodgar, and the Neolithic people who have walked these same paths as myself.” It is clear that she draws strength and feels grounded by the repetition and age of these lines. The sentiment is furthered by the feelings instilled and shared by Samantha who has monoprint a word-path saying “calm”, “wellbeing” and “connection”, a snippet of which decorates a wall in the gallery.

   If you’re interested in archaeological art or simply wish to escape the weather, the gallery is open Monday-Friday 10-5 and Saturdays 10.4. Lines of Connection continues until August 31st.




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