OFC AGM 2021

This year our AGM will again be conducted online and by post, as there are still real concerns about holding events indoors. We are, however, very keen for our membership to have the opportunity to take part as usual.

So, welcome everyone to the Orkney Field Club’s 2021 AGM, which opens on Monday 11th October 2021 and will conclude at 12pm on Monday 25th October 2021.  

Please see the following linked documents -  (Unless we hear otherwise from you, we will assume your acceptance of these documents)

a) Minutes of the last (2020) AGM

b) The Chair’s summary of the year’s activities and  

 c) The Treasurer’s report and accounts for period 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

We welcome questions on any of these items, but ask that you get them to us ([email protected]) by 20th October so that we can ensure any additional information requested can be circulated to the whole membership. 


Nominations for and election of committee   

The committee can be a maximum of 15. Two members are standing down at the AGM - Sydney Gauld and Reuben Johnston. 

Nine current committee members are prepared to stand again - Helen Aiton (current vice-chair), John Crossley (current Chair), Keith Fairclough, Anne Gascoigne, Penny Martin, Brian Ribbands (current Treasurer), Jenny Taylor, Megan Taylor (current Secretary but standing down from that role) and Alexandra Wright.


Other Nominations  

We very much welcome further nominations for the committee. Nominees need to have a proposer and seconder (which we should be able to assist with if needed). They also need to be an OFC member of course, but could join in advance of the AGM if they are keen to get involved. Please get nominations back to us ([email protected]) by Friday 22nd October 2021 just in case there is a need for a vote.


25/10/2021 Update

The Orkney Field Club AGM has now concluded and the nominations for the committee are as follows:

Helen Aiton (nominated Megan Taylor, seconded Penny Martin)

John Crossley (nominated Jenny Taylor, seconded Megan Taylor)

Keith Fairclough (nominated Penny Martin, seconded John Crossley)

Anne Gascoigne (nominated Megan Taylor, seconded Helen Aiton)

Michael Gee (nominated Megan Taylor, seconded Jenny Taylor)

Penny Martin (nominated Anne Gascoigne, seconded Helen Aiton)

Jamie Moloney (nominated John Crossley, seconded Megan Taylor)

Brian Ribbands (nominated Jenny Taylor, seconded Megan Taylor)

Jenny Taylor (nominated Helen Aiton, seconded John Crossley)

Megan Taylor (nominated Helen Aiton, seconded Penny Martin)

Graeme Walker (nominated John Crossley, seconded Jenny Taylor)

Alexandra Wright (nominated Anne Gascoigne, seconded Penny Martin)

The Accounts have been proposed for approval by Graeme Walker and seconded by Jenny Taylor.

As we have not heard otherwise, we have assumed the members' acceptance of the accounts and the other documents as previously circulated.



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