Stromness Golf Club
Open Days
Men, Ladies and Juniors (8yrs and over)
Saturday 9th April 2011
Saturday 30th April 2011
at Stromness Golf Club
Come along and give golf a go
Great family day out!
Sessions are free – coaching and clubs available
For more information contact:
Ronald Thomson, Men’s Captain - Tel:761310
Ann Oag, Ladies Captain – Tel: 850096




The set afternoons and nights for ladies golf and every Tuesday and Thursday, with men and boys sections playing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.  These evenings are not exclusive to either section, but priority is given to the respective section.  It is advisable not to play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings unless the men have no competition, as the course tends to be full.


In addition to this, some competitions and events are held at weekends and very occasionally on another night during the week (always check the fixture card to see what’s on).


There will be 3 draws on Tuesday and Thursday for ladies: 2.00pm, 17.20pm and 17.40pm.  Times are posted in the ladies locker room and on the window of the starters office, and will change throughout the season (twice) depending on the daylight.  Please arrive in plenty of time!


Details of all competitions are held in a black folder in the ladies locker room, along with other useful information.  Do not remove the folder but feel free to ask the Handicap Secretary for copies of any of the sheets within it.


There are also sheets on the notice board about basis rules and etiquette, and handicap information (how to get a handicap etc) – please help yourself to copies of these sheets.


It is advisable to pick up a fixture card from behind the bar as this contains details of what’s on and when.  It also lists the committee members got both the men and ladies section – so you know who to ask if you have any queries.




Membership envelopes are available inside the front door of the club and behind the bar.  Information on the costs of membership can also be found on the notice board inside the front door of the club.  Completed forms and payments can be left behind the bar, posted in the green post box at the front door, or posted/handed to Davie Garson. NOTE: there is a reduced fee for first time members.




When available, John Taylor from the men’s section very kindly gives free coaching in the basis skills of grip and swing at the 17th tee for beginners.  For details of coaching session please speak to the Ladies Captain.


Mel Douglas, a professional golf coach from Inverness comes to Orkney around the end of April/beginning of May each year and is available for private lessons.  Please check the men’s notice board for a poster giving details of his availability.




Ladies congregate at the front of the club house and announce themselves to the starter, who is based in the main office downstairs.


Ladies are drawn in groups of 3 and start the round at various holes on the course.


Beginners are encouraged to play 9 holes to begin with until they become more confident.  Once a beginner has a handicap she can play in any of the competitions on the fixture card – please pick up a Handicap Information Sheet from the ladies notice board for information on how to get a handicap.


As each group completes their round, either 9 or eight holes, the players come in, check and sign their cards, mark up any ringers they may have (see Ringers below).




At the start of the season there is a 1st round ringer on the fixture card.  Each players score from this round (or the first round they play after this round, if they couldn’t make this fixture) will be entered onto a sheet and put on a notice board in the ladies locker room.


Throughout the season, after every round, each player has the opportunity to improve her ringer score on one hole (per round).  Three improvements at any hole can be made throughout the season.


When players come in from playing golf, they compare their new scores with their own ringer score and choose which hole to change (if any).


Her partners will cross out the old ringer score, mark in the new score and initial the change. The player has to make sure that she puts a ring round the score on that hole on her card (hence the “ringer"!) to alert the Handicap Secretary.


This helps to encourage players so that if they did not have a very good round overall they can see that they have managed to improve their score on at least one hole. 


To qualify for a ringer change a player must play at least 6 consecutive holes (if she has a 9 hole ringer score), or 12 consecutive holes (for an improvement on a 18 hole ringer score).




All players usually gather upstairs in the club house and wait until everyone is in, this includes the beginners and is a good time to get to know everyone.


Once all the cards are in the Captain announces the winner and the players who have reduced their handicap.


The Captain also keeps everyone up to date with what is happening and reminds everyone of forthcoming events. A


All events are displayed on the notice board and even if beginners are not taking part they are invited to attend.


The club is what we make it so please come along and join in.





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(for beginners and less experienced players)



Who is eligible?

1. has not yet been awarded a handicap

2. has a 34 handicap, but has never played to it

What is the Format?

Played over 8 fixtured rounds - each player will be matched with an experienced player for their round.  The first 9 holes will count towards their eclectic score – but this doesn’t mean that they can’t play the full 18 holes!

What is an eclectic?

At the end of the season (after the last Iris Sutherland fixture), the scores for each player within the competition, will be calculated by taking the BEST score taken at each of the first nine holes (throughout all the rounds played). 

So, the more rounds played, the more chances of improving the score taken at each hole and the more reason not to worry about having some “bad” holes!


Remember to check your fixture card to see when the Iris Sutherland Cup rounds are scheduled


Click HERE to download this information.



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