Selkies, Sand & the Scadman's Skull events

Specialist presenters for this weekend are:

Professor R.J. (Sam) Berry, author of 'The Natural History of Orkney', 'Islands', and research on the evolution and inheritance of island species.

Callan Duck, Seal specialist from the Sea Mammal Research Unit of St. Andrews' University

Eric Meek, the RSPB's Bird Man in Orkney

Alastair Skene, Orkney's most knowledgeable marine shell expert

John Crossley (one-time Sanday resident, now a freelance wildlife/farming consultant based on Orkney mainland), specialist on bees and wild flowers

Jenny Taylor, founder and co-ordinator of the Orkney Woodland Project

The timetable for the weekend's presentations, entertainment, outings and sports fixtures is given below..... 


Orkney Ferries depart Kirkwall 1010; arrive Sanday 1155

and depart Kirkwall 1640; arrive Sanday 1805

 Sanday Bus from ferry terminal; 'phone to book on 01857-600-344

1230 - 1630  The Sanday Experience - an all-inclusive (lunch, presentation, minibus tour & tea) introduction to the island. 'Phone to book on 01857-600-769/331

Orkney Ferries depart Sanday 1815; arrive Kirkwall 1940

Opportunities for evening meal at local hostelries 

1930 in the Community Room: Presentation by Professor R.J. Berry 'Mice & Voles: from Robbie Burns to Walt Disney (& beyond)

2045 in the Community Room: entertainment from Dennis Alexander 'Songs, Stories & Downright Lies' - bring your own bottle. Entry for this event will be £3 per person. 


Orkney Ferries depart Kirkwall 0740; arrive Sanday 0905

0900-1700 Sanday Heritage Centre open

0930-1030 Join Alastair Skene collecting shells at Bea Sand. Meet at the Old Cross Kirk car park at 0930  

1000-1200 Open Artists' Studios at the North End: Dominique Cameron at Sandquoy; Ruth Brough at Millhouse

1000-1500 Sanday Re-Use Centre open at Kettletoft

1100-1600 Sanday Spinners Studio open at Little Isegarth, by the Peedie Sea

1100-1230 - Presentations in the School Art Room:                                                           Alistair Rennie - 'The Geology of Sanday' and Alastair Skene - 'Sanday's Sea creatures and shore'

from 1230 opportunities for lunch at local hostelries

1400 Presentation by Callan Duck of the Sea Mammal Research Unit at St. Andrews University - 'Sanday's Selkies'

1500 Netball Match (Old v. Young) at School

from 1500, after Callan Duck's presentation Field Trips/Outings:                                            1. Alistair Rennie to Tresness to explore the origin of the dunes and Catasand                     2. Eric Meek & Callan Duck go looking for birds and seals                                                    3. Jenny Taylor and John Crossley visiting tree plantations and hunting for bumblebees

1500-1700 in the School laboratory: call in to see the display of shells collected from Backaskaill, and to talk to Alastair Skene about some of the many different species

1500-1800 in the School Community Classroom: Displays & Exhibitions - natural history displays from SNH, RSPB etc, and Artwork from Tracy Hall (illustrator of 'The Birds of Orkney') and John Holloway (author and illustrator of 'The Birds of Stronsay')

Orkney Ferries depart Kirkwall 1640; arrive Sanday 1805: then...

depart Sanday 1815; arrive Kirkwall 1940

Sanday Sports' Club's Old v. Young Football and Netball matches will be played after the arrival of the evening Ferry, starting as soon as possible after 1830

Opportunities for a meal at local hostelries

1030 for 2100: The Sports' Club Presentations and Dance make the final Saturday night fling for the Sanday Soulka. Dance to the brand-new all-star supergroup-band Alpha Dixie


Orkney Ferries depart Kirkwall 0900; arrive Sanday 1045

0845 - c. 1030 Lighthouse visit ('Phone to book on 01857-600-341)

0900-1700 Heritage Centre open

0900-1700 Natural History and Art Displays open in the School Community Classroom

1000-1300 Open Artist's Studio in the south end: Rosey Prietman at Stove

1100-1230 In the Community Room and Hall:

A set of presentations about Sanday natural history:

1. 1100-1125 - 'Trees': Jenny Taylor (co-ordinator of Orkney Woodland Trust)               2. 1130-1155 -  'Flowers & Bees': John Crossley                                                               3. 1200-1230 - 'Birds - Sanday's role in the system':  Eric Meek

Opportunities for lunch at local hostelries 

1400 The John D. Mackay Memorial Lecture, introduced by May Allan, who taught alongside John D. Mackay in Sanday School in 1970

'Island Nature - what Sanday shares with the Galapagos' by Professor R.J. Berry (author of 'The Natural History of Orkney', Inheritance and Natural History', 'Islands' etc)

1500 Social, with music from the Alpha Dixie band; tea, coffee, Sanday-made scones...

and the declaration of the Sanday Gardening Club's winner of the 'end of the road floral display' (see August web-page for examples) and Grand Soulka Raffle Prize Draw

1630 Closing remarks by Liam McArthur MSP

Orkney Ferries depart Sanday 1720; arrive Kirkwall 1905


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