August 5th - 7th

Food, Farming & Fishing

Were you here for the weekend? If so, perhaps you're on one of the photographs....

The Industrial Show

The Agricultural Show Champions

 2011 Sanday Show champions above & below


Saturday morning - the Lighthouse expedition


 Sanday's Gardening Club has issued an open invitation to everyone to make a floral display outside houses or at road junctions or tracks..

Artists' studios open; Izzy Brough on duty with Ruth's work at Millhouse

Visitors at Bill McArthur's at Lettan

 Dominique Cameron in her studio at Sandquoy

 The Sanday Spinners at Little Isegarth

5 p.m. was the deadline for the Sea-Angling competition...

Bill McArthur supervised the weigh-in



John Murray caught the biggest fish


and Graham 'Skid' Clarke made the biggest individual catch - a haul of over 160 pounds weight - so there was plenty for the barbecue

At the Belsair, Sue Mellors from Diageo led an enthusiastic band through the sampling of four malt whiskies...

And outside, the 'cook-your-own' fish barbecue was under way...


with music from (L to R) Tony, Tris and Ant 


Just up the road, a traditional barbecue was sizzling at the Kettletoft Hotel...

...with an outside bar that attracted customers late into the evening.

 At 11.00 on Sunday morning, the Varagen charter-cruise set off from Loth, on a clockwise circumnavigation of the island


 Viewing from the car-deck

 Guide for the day, Sean Dennison gave a great commentary from the windowless cafeteria

 Sanday's own band 'Fiddle About' played in the passenger lounge during the voyage

This lone oarsman was an unexpected surprise; he was thought to be en route from Foula, and he called in later at Kettletoft. Here he is passing Tresness, with the farm steading in the background

After the cruise, all of the 140 passengers headed back to their cars to drive to the Hall...

... for the marvellous Orkney Feast



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