Individual Counselling

What is counselling?
Counselling provides a safe place for people to explore difficulties in their relationships, to help gain a better understanding of themselves and others and be helped to move on in their lives. The opportunity to talk through personal issues and explore different perspectives with the help of a professional counsellor can bring clarity and understanding, helping people make informed choices on how to bring about the changes they may be looking for.

Who is it for?
Counselling is for anyone who feels that it may be helpful for them.

When is it helpful?
Counselling can be helpful for anyone experiencing a range of difficulties, such as anxiety, anger, stress or depression.

How does it work?
Each person is offered a confidential intake appointment so that we can tell you about the various services that are available. You can discuss your particular situation with the intake worker so that you can make a decision about how we can help.

If you feel that counselling would be appropriate we will then match you with one of our counsellors. Once counselling starts, a timescale for the sessions will be agreed between you and the counsellor. The average is 4-8 sessions, each lasting an hour, though there is usually no limit to the number of sessions you can attend.

Is it confidential?
Yes, our counsellors are bound by a duty of confidentiality, unless circumstances suggest that the issues being discussed may pose a risk to clients or the wider community. Such issues include domestic abuse, child protection, money laundering and terrorism. In all circumstances, care is taken to protect confidentiality and no disclosure will be made without discussing the issues first, unless there is an urgent risk of harm. All our counsellors and therapists work to the ethical standards of the national professional bodies.

Who are the counsellors?
Counsellors are trained to diploma level over a three year period and have to achieve 200 hours of supervised practice before they are eligible for accreditation with Relationships Scotland. All our counsellors work to professional standards and have to go through an annual renewal process to demonstrate that they have met the required standards of supervision and Continuing Professional Development.

Is there a waiting list?
Waiting times vary. Please contact us for information on current waiting times.

How much will it cost?
The service is free, although individual donations are welcomed.

Further information
Please contact us


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