07 September 2021
Just a thought

Litany for Listeners 

Dearest Lord, companion on the road, voice in the night, here we are, gathered to listen. 

Open our ears, our whole being, that we may become a listening presence to each other, 

that we may enjoy the gift of our spiritual conversation. 

Give us the generosity to listen with openness, 

the wisdom to understand what is heard, 

the strength to be changed by what is shared, 

the listening that never judges, 

the curiosity of a child. 

Listen to us. 

Increase in us the peace to forgive and be forgiven, 

the reverence to honour both gift and loss, 

the acceptance that allows failure to be shared, 

the prudence to know when not to speak, 

the surrender that treasures silence after word. 

Listen to us.

Enliven in us the freedom to let mystery be, 

the joy to celebrate new discovery, 

the readiness for laughter when it rises, 

the grace to listen with humble love, 

the awe to hear you speaking in us. 

Thank you. 

 - Michael Hansen (Edited) 

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