27 April 2021
Just a thought

For the Christian, the season of Lent and Easter tells of a God who intervened in human history in an unimaginable way.  He didn’t come to a perfect time or a perfect place.  In some sense, I’d love if he intervened in our times to show us how to deal with the challenges of the internet and social media!  The one thing for sure though, is that he entered the chaos of people’s lives and the chaos of our world. 

Let us not be afraid of the chaos that is often around us and within us.  In particular, let us not be afraid of the chaos we see in the lives of others: the homeless person, the refugee, the person who is recovering in hospital.  If God entered our chaos let us not be afraid to step into the chaos of those we serve and love. 

 - from Alan Hilliard: Dipping Into Lent

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