21 October 2020
Just a thought...

The Bible: 

Christ is the norm, the criterion, the purpose, and the meaning of the book. [The Bible].  The book points to Christ; Christ does not point to the book.  We are not the People of the Book; we are the People with the Book.  The Gospel of John does not say, “God so loved the world that he gave us” a book (3:16).  The Revelation of John does not say that we are saved “by the ink of the Lamb” (12:11).  For over a hundred years Christians have asked - What Would Jesus Do? and not - What Would the Bible Say?.  If Christ is the norm of the gospel, then he is also the norm of the New Testament, and of the entire Christian Bible.  That, of course, is why we are called Christ-ians and not Bible-ians.” 

― John Dominic Crossan: The Greatest Prayer: A Revolutionary Manifesto and Hymn of Hope 

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