29 May 2020
Just a thought....

The Lord’s Prayer:

‘Found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, the prayer is prayed by Christians of all persuasions: fundamentalist, liberal, progressive, Congregational, Presbyterian, Episcopalian and Roman Catholic.  It is Christianity’s greatest prayer, yet it does not mention the inerrancy of Scripture, the Virgin Birth, the miracles, the bodily Resurrection of Jesus, substitutionary atonement, or hell.  By contrast, the biblical scholar Tom Wright, says: “In a world too full of injustice, hunger, malice and evil, [this] prayer cries out for justice, bread, forgiveness and deliverance.”’


..... “At its best, prayer leads us to a place of stillness in which we move beyond words to inner stillness and contemplation.”

Rev. Scott McKenna in Life & Work, July 2013, p. 44.

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