23 April 2014
St George's Day 1918

When St George's Day arrived in April 1918, the Germans seemed poised to win the grim struggle known as the Great War.  The Allied Armies were fighting desperately in Flanders to stop a German offensive breaking through to the Channel ports, while the Allied Navies were struggling to defeat the U-boat threat at sea.  British morale received a major boost, when news was released of attacks by Royal Navy forces on the German bases at Zeebrugge and Ostend in the early hours of 23rd April 1918.  Alfred Taylor of Finstown died next day of wounds received in that fighting, while his brother John had died serving in Flanders with the Canadians in 1915.  Their stories can be read as a Word document in the website Firth section, or downloaded direct as a pdf using the link below.

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